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A Glorious Opportunity

We have had an election. I’m sure some of you remember it. The BBC made the longest ever TV show where they repeatedly said they knew nothing, didn’t know which way it was going, couldn’t decide anything, had Jeremy Vine leaping about in Graphic World and none of it meant anything at all.

Today all the news has been about who is offering what to who and who will team up with which party. I say that NOBODY should team up with anyone, well, not if we want it to work in OUR favour and not be an ego trip for some politicians.
Let’s face it, love it or hate it, the Conservatives won the most seats. The Conservatives got the most votes. It is LOGICAL, therefore, that they should have the Prime Minister in their party.
Labour was nowhere near winning and lost a lot of votes. It is LOGICAL, therefore, that Gordon Brown should step down.
So why do I think it should be very good for US? I think it would be GREAT if the Conservatives were appointed as Government and HAD to propose laws, rules and policies that were not necessarily good for THEM, but so obviously good for US that the other parties would have to go along with them or be seen to be the bad guys. If other parties come up with ideas that would improve conditions in this country then the Conservatives would equally have to be seen to want those improvements.
I am weary of ‘parties’ mock arguing across the house and then going into the bars and restaurants together as buddies. It is all so two faced and false.
Speaking of two faced was Mandelson, no doubt, telling his puppet Gordon that he had to go and crawl back to the woman who he referred to as a bigot and he did for 45 minutes. How yucky was that?
Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if, when it was first played back to him, he had the brains to say that was what he truly felt (which it obviously was) about that woman and that he didn’t like her. He should have said ‘You are always saying politicians don’t tell the truth, and now you might not like it when I do.’
He proved beyond all reasonable doubt he had no guts. Shame.

5 comments to A Glorious Opportunity

  • marc k
    May 8, 2010 at 2:18 am

    It sure seems more logical for the Conservatives to form a minority government given they had the largest share of the votes. However, as they didn’t have an absolute majority, we mustn’t forget that more people voted AGAINST Conservative than FOR them.
    Sure, it seems to be the lesser of all evils. But any coalition that ends up with 50% or more of the votes will be in the public’s best interest.

  • A Magic Life
    May 9, 2010 at 7:46 am

    That only happened because we don’t have a system that weeds out all those stupid no chance at all parties that split the votes.
    Perhaps we should run the elections like the BBC promote Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shows, with heats where every little party or individual ‘performs’ and we vote on the phone for who we keep.
    That can’t be more boring than XFactor, which is after all English for the Japanese word Karaoke.
    Oh what fun!

  • Can
    November 8, 2010 at 7:52 am

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