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The Magicians on BBC TV

Oh dear oh dear, in the midst of all this dancing training and touring the live show at night the media are now coming at me from all sides because the BBC are launching a ‘Strictly Come Magic’ competition on Saturday nights. Everyone is after me for opinions and comments but how can I do […] → Continue Reading The Magicians on BBC TV

The Strictly Come Dancing Saga, cont…

Well, the 8th September came and went in a blur of activity. The studio setting, which now seats more people, was packed and staff and dancers were whizzing around everywhere. As I write this tonight the nation will watch the Launch of the new season of shows, not even thinking that behind the scenes a […] → Continue Reading The Strictly Come Dancing Saga, cont…

Strictly Come Dancing on BBC TV

The Strictly Come Dancing Diary 22nd July Blimey, the agent has just phoned and told me that I am going to be contracted to do Strictly Come Dancing. I am boggled. I told them the truth – I have never danced, never had any dance lessons, I never listen to music. I have got the […] → Continue Reading Strictly Come Dancing on BBC TV

The Best Laid Plans

Indeed…. the best laid plans and also never put off ’til the morrow…. Has Daniels been drinking? Is he going doolally? No, all will become plain and simple… For the last couple of years I have been trying to devise ways of clearing my silted creek out that would not break the bank and about […] → Continue Reading The Best Laid Plans

Secrets and Variety Shows

This is one of the most frustrating times I have ever spent in show business. The past weeks have been unbelievably busy as we get ready for more work than any autumn has ever brought us. As I said in the last blog, however, we are contracted not to tell anyone what we are doing. […] → Continue Reading Secrets and Variety Shows


I have had quite a few messages of various thoughts asking why I haven’t been writing blogs. The truth is that I haven’t been doing anything that I thought was of interest to you. Actually that is not quite true. Both Debbie and I have been getting involved in stuff that, for contractual reasons, we […] → Continue Reading Pakistan

Nigel Kennedy, Ronan Keating and Penn and Teller

What a title, what a time we have had since I last scribbled in here. I cannot believe it is 10 days ago. Debbie and I whizz all over the place and we don’t notice the days speeding by. I will now go into reminiscence mode… not too far back but I do have to […] → Continue Reading Nigel Kennedy, Ronan Keating and Penn and Teller

Electronic Keys

Yesterday wasn’t the best day in the beginning. I had decided to head up to Wigan to do a bit in the shop we have in Mesnes Street. The wife, ‘er indoors, smiled sweetly, said she would come along and would I mind dropping off a hat ‘on the way’, in Wallingford. Of course I […] → Continue Reading Electronic Keys

Football and Capello

I know, I know… it’s over, but it is still being discussed everywhere I go. As regular readers of this stuff will know, I’m not a raving fan. I am one of those people who think it is only a game BUT there are things in all the hype that no one seems to have […] → Continue Reading Football and Capello

Bits and Bobs

Tomorrow it will be Friday, again, so that means we will have been back a week. For me that has been a week of erratic sleep hours, crashing out completely at about 9p.m. and waking up at anywhere between 1230 and 0300 in the night. I have tried to force myself to stay in bed […] → Continue Reading Bits and Bobs


I know that I have a good friend who reads these blogs. I can hear him now… ‘He left me out!’… So, now I have his undivided attention can Debbie and I say what a pleasure it was to see Pete Biro in his silly hat at the airport to greet us when we got […] → Continue Reading AND….

The Invisible Mrs Obama

We are coming to the end of our time in Los Angeles. As always I get that strange mixture of wanting to go home but wanting to stay. I love it here so much and could most likely make a living BUT my Mother, my grandchildren, my lads… know what I mean. Because various negotiations […] → Continue Reading The Invisible Mrs Obama

Hurray for Hollywood

Yes folks, we are in California enjoying the sunshine and driving around absorbing the wonderful house designs, wide open streets, the advertising and salesmanship that leaps out at you from every direction. America is fun. We love it. As I write this, however, I am well aware that I have to do a show tonight […] → Continue Reading Hurray for Hollywood

The Antipodes

We spent a long day doing nothing and then had to say ‘goodbye’ to Hong Kong. I wonder if I will ever see it again? The infrastructure is now amazing and it took no time at all to get to the airport where we did the usual check in and waiting waiting waiting. Air New […] → Continue Reading The Antipodes

Hong Kong

Debbie and I have been here now for about a week and I have had emails and tweets asking me why and so on. It’s simple. I was supposed to do a public show and a lecture and a Master class, all magic of course, but the business side of it, all set up with […] → Continue Reading Hong Kong