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Bits and Bobs

Tomorrow it will be Friday, again, so that means we will have been back a week. For me that has been a week of erratic sleep hours, crashing out completely at about 9p.m. and waking up at anywhere between 1230 and 0300 in the night. I have tried to force myself to stay in bed and so on, have meals at UK times… nothing worked and I am just getting over it, sort of.

A few readers have got in touch and told me that they can’t leave comments on here. Most likely that is because they have not registered and been accepted on this site.
The world, of course, is once again completely out of touch with me as they all go nuts over that game where not very fit men kick a ball up and down a grass field for lots of money. I have tried to watch. I am English. I feel I should watch BUT there is SO little imagination in this game I find it SO boring. Yesterday whilst having a cuppa I switched on to see a man called Rooney miss a wide open goal and later get sent off to have a rest. None of these footballers have anywhere near the fitness, stamina, reaction speed of a pro tennis player, and that has been more than proved this week.
Maybe we should send the football team off for tennis training?
Then the commentators were absolutely raving about England winning 1-0. As far as I could see they only managed to struggle one ball into the net of a team from the Methodist Youth Club of a place called Slovenia. I can’t imagine Germany are quaking in their boots.
What else? Why doesn’t wee Andy Murray take some elocution lessons to project his voice upwards from that miserable muttering? I listen and grow more and more convinced he is Gordon Brown’s love child.
As for Gordon, where has he gone? I suspect that all along he has known where Osama Bin Laden lives, and has moved in with him…
Have fun.

5 comments to Bits and Bobs

  • RG9
    June 25, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Okay, so I have finally signed up!

    Totally with you on the football. The so-called Ingerrrlaaand team are a moronic bunch of self interested, cheating, turf divers who are NOT the kind of people who should be representing our country.

    Football, played to the rules, is a wonderful skill … and a SPORT.

    Professional football is just business and true sportmanship has all but disappeared.

    And what astonishes me even more are otherwise sane people – mostly men – who get hooked up in this hype and pay fortunes for tickets that merely serve to buy an overpaid footballer another Bentley or Ferrari!

    And as for Murray being GB’s love child – yes, I’m still laughing at that one. And here’s another player who, sadly, is not a sportsman in the true sense of the word.

    Where is GB?

    On budget day, he was gurning at schoolchildren in his constituency. Have they been offered counselling, I ask?

    Here’s the man who got us into this mess [“No more boom and bust” … well he was right about that: boom and bust don’t come anywhere near the nuclear financial implosion that our grandchildren will be paying for] and he can’t even be arssed to face the Westminster music.


  • Dale...
    June 25, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    If Murray wins, and as they hand him the trophy he does that scary smiley thing of Browns.. We will know for sure.

  • Can
    November 7, 2010 at 12:41 pm

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