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On the Fringe

Hello everyone. I have my feet up. The TV is on. Dinner has been cooked, served and eaten. Another really good day has flown by. I spent the morning multi-tasking. They say only women can do that. I think that is only said by women. Men know. Whilst doing interviews the Daniels DVD Factory was […] → Continue Reading On the Fringe

What a great day at the Fringe.

I am coming to the end of one of the best evenings I have ever had, here or anywhere else. Sure, we did the show and it seemed to be zooming along. We had other shows in to see what we were up to and we even had magicians from LA in the audience. One […] → Continue Reading What a great day at the Fringe.

An easy day at the Fringe

Yup. Easy. I even had a sleep in this morning. Aw come on, I deserved it. I loved mooching around this morning tidying the stuff that was lying around and then I went a bit nuts cleaning up the rabbit’s home. By the time I had cleaned out the litter trays, the bed area, the […] → Continue Reading An easy day at the Fringe

Only at the Fringe

What a day what a day. I haven’t been sleeping too well over the last few nights. Too much to think about I guess. Last night, because I was getting too tired I decided to take a Stugeron. Silly me. This morning I couldn’t fully wake up. I was even ‘heavy tired’ walking to the […] → Continue Reading Only at the Fringe

I wear my own Fringe in Edinburgh

Oops, I missed a day. What happened? I don’t know and that is not the result of alcohol. I think that I am living in a kind of haze at the moment with PR Bex rushing me from interview to interview to interview. After yesterevening’s show I managed a short trip ‘home’ before heading off […] → Continue Reading I wear my own Fringe in Edinburgh

We love Edinburgh

Today the weather was dire, especially this evening, but it cannot dampen our enthusiasm for this wonderful city and the incredible Fringe. We are having far too much fun and laughter. Once again the morning was full of interviews but I managed to locate a local post office and send out some of the outstanding […] → Continue Reading We love Edinburgh

Back at the Edinburgh Fringe”

Well, after my rant about ideas that we could use to deter rioters, both on here and on Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised that the vast majority of people came out in favour and only two went the ‘do gooder’ route. In the midst of it all I thought about those countries that remove the […] → Continue Reading Back at the Edinburgh Fringe”


How sad. Up here in the wonderworld that is the Edinburgh Fringe/Festival you want your show to ‘go down a riot’. Down south the TV is showing us the horror of the March of the Morons. Years ago I met some executives of the railway network who told me that when some idiot or idiots […] → Continue Reading Riots

Selling Out at the Edinburgh Fringe

Today was the first time we didn’t have to go running about doing telecasts, podcasts, or any other kind of interview so I was able to answer lots of email, twitters, send out autographs, print photos and get a ‘simple magic’ DVD onto eBay. Not bad at all. The DVD is in response to everyone […] → Continue Reading Selling Out at the Edinburgh Fringe

A Great Day of Shows at Edinburgh Fringe

We had to be up and out reasonably early this morning in the pouring rain to visit Dave Gorman in the studios where he was broadcasting on Absolute Radio. Great questions and great fun. Dave, off air, was after me to teach him the Come Back Rubber Band but we had to dash away to […] → Continue Reading A Great Day of Shows at Edinburgh Fringe

Another day, another show at the Edinburgh Fringe

I had to be up and about early this morning and I am so glad I was. It turned out on a Saturday in Edinburgh, before 10, the city is wonderfully quiet and this morning was sunny. Most enjoyable as I walked to the venue to start to work on the prop that went awry […] → Continue Reading Another day, another show at the Edinburgh Fringe

Me and my Big Mouth at the Edinburgh Fringe

Well that should be a lesson to me. How many times have you noticed a commentator on TV say something like ‘He’s going to be here for a long time’ and the next ball puts ‘him’ out of the game. My day started frenetically in that I had ordered a large indoor cage/hutch so the […] → Continue Reading Me and my Big Mouth at the Edinburgh Fringe

My youngest heckler

Today at the Edinburgh Fringe was once again a busy busy day but we are getting just a little bit better at getting the show ready in a very limited area. We perform on a stage that has been erected in one end of a lecture theatre. Many shows use the same show all day […] → Continue Reading My youngest heckler

Up and running at the Edinburgh Fringe

Thanks to the Sun newspaper completely distorting a story from over a month ago, my opening day at the Fringe was spent not in getting the show ready but in repeatedly denying that I was in hospital as a result of a pizza in the eye recording the Sooty show. That meant that on top […] → Continue Reading Up and running at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe

The booking agent asked me if I would like to do the Fringe again. It is about four years since I was here and I had such a good time I immediately agreed and asked him to send me all the details. Last time I goofed a bit in that I did a two hour […] → Continue Reading The Edinburgh Fringe