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NOTE AS AT 10th February: I have now received an offer to buy all the illusions below at their listed price so if you are keen to buy one or all of them, that is the price to beat. Good Luck. P.S. An American friend visited last night and could not believe how cheaply these […] → Continue Reading Illusions

Early Morning Thoughts

Despite a long long driving day yesterday, and then for some strange reason waking up bright as a button and finding out it was only 1120 PM!!!, then being awake for a couple of hours in the night, I woke up far too early at about 0610am. Debbie was already up and getting ready to […] → Continue Reading Early Morning Thoughts

One Man and His Wig

What a funny week. By that I mean funny as in laughter, although it has been more than a little odd as well. As many of you know, I pop little messages onto Twitter and happened to mention that as part of the Grand Sale of Illusions and similar stuff on eBay I had come […] → Continue Reading One Man and His Wig

The Magicians BBC TV

As I have been asked by so many what I think about this series. The following email seems to be the overall view of the comments I have had, and comes from a friend, a teacher in the North West. I was interested in your comments about the current magical experience. Not that I am […] → Continue Reading The Magicians BBC TV

V.A.T. The Uneconomical Tax

2011 is now settling in and the media are full of how we are all suffering from the cutbacks and reduced services and on and on and on. Very little is written about how the current government don’t really have much of choice, just as Thatcher didn’t when she took over a horrendous financial mess. […] → Continue Reading V.A.T. The Uneconomical Tax

The Return of the Magic Blogger

Happy New Year Everybody. What a good boy I am. It’s the 1st of January and in keeping with one of my New Years Resolutions list, I am updating the blog. Once again it has been a while since I did this but although I have been working hard, it has mostly been on the […] → Continue Reading The Return of the Magic Blogger

Watching Paint Dry

The title says it all. I really am watching paint dry, although to be honest I have come into the house to wait for it to happen. I sat down here and tootled about on the computer and then….. “NO. NONONO. It CAN’T be. It must be. As the kids now say OMG. It was […] → Continue Reading Watching Paint Dry

Afterthoughts on Strictly Come Dancing

What a week this has been, with literally hundreds of people getting in touch one way or another about me leaving Strictly and wanting to know if I am alright. At first I thought it was odd and then I realised that the vast majority of them were not in show business and maybe don’t […] → Continue Reading Afterthoughts on Strictly Come Dancing

Thoughts from a Dressing Room

As I write this I am in a ground floor BBC dressing room, chuckling to myself because a couple of weeks ago I watched the BBC programme Watchdog. On that particular episode they really criticised the decor and quality of the rooms in holiday camps. The paint was scraped and chipped, the wallpaper was torn, […] → Continue Reading Thoughts from a Dressing Room

A Great Day Off Work

After the mayhem of the past few weeks today, Sunday, was a wonderful relief from trying to force my brain to learn dance steps. Sadly Debbie had to go to work so I dragged myself out of the bed and went off to Homebase. I have had some weird things to design in life as […] → Continue Reading A Great Day Off Work

Strictly Slimming

There is a famous quote, albeit horrible fact, made by a doctor at the end of a TV discussion about obesity and weight loss: ‘Nobody came out of Belsen fat’ This observation has always stuck in my mind as being an obvious fact; if you don’t put it into your mouth and swallow food, you […] → Continue Reading Strictly Slimming

Strictly and the Press

Well, as they say, the proverbial poop hit the proverbial fan thanks to the ignorance of our ‘news’papers and their desperate need to drag everything down to their level. I made a crack back at Craig (who by the way is a really nice guy) about his daytime job tasting sausages. The press said I […] → Continue Reading Strictly and the Press

Strictly Come Dancing is under way

Well, the show is finally on the screens and love it or hate it, it will be on until December. I don’t expect to be in it for the full run because I believe there are FAR better dancers than me out there. I also seem to have missed the point of the show a […] → Continue Reading Strictly Come Dancing is under way

The Calm before the Strictly Storm

It is Friday morning as I write this. I have an enforced quiet time because Debbie has gone off to pick some crates of champagne and I was going to prepare myself for the day. Doorbells rang and there was the first of the trucks with generators and heaters. I know nothing about this party […] → Continue Reading The Calm before the Strictly Storm

Strictly Come Dancing and The Best of British

Debbie is drying her hair so I have a minute or three to jot down an update. Life has been unbelievably busy and I do mean busy. The Best of British Variety shows are now drawing to a close with only two more to do. One tonight in Huddersfield and one in Buxton. For the […] → Continue Reading Strictly Come Dancing and The Best of British