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Busy Times

I simply cannot believe that it is almost a month since I last scribbled on here. My days and nights are so full that they zip by without me noticing the passing of time. That’s good, I guess.

The tour of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow has been successful, thank goodness, and it has been interesting to get ‘reviews’ not so much from the standard media, but now they come from ‘the people’ on Twitter and Facebook. To date all rave reviews apart from one, who wanted more magic and less comedy! It is supposed to be a comedy show but now I am trying to find a way to maintain that level but somehow work more magic into the show for when it goes out in the Spring.
I know, that may sound strange to give myself that amount of work for one ‘reviewer’ but I think all performers should take notice of ALL criticism and give it some serious thought.
The leaves have now almost all gone from the broad leaf trees. The vast variety of water birds have been traipsing up and down the garden stealing the fallen apples. We got two edible, very edible, peaches of the new tree that I planted earlier in the year. Such joy from such simple things.
Our rabbits have been enjoying the luxury of the tiled rear end of the car that I built for them. Quite mad I know but they are such funny characters they deserve the best.
Other work is pouring in which I find amazing, but for which I am grateful, and the Wigan shop and the online www.magicandfancydress.com are doing a lot more business. The latter is going to burst, nay, explode, with a VAST range of magic tricks in one or two weeks. So much work is being done on that site. It’s a real web site and not a cobweb site.
The work on the Flying Carpets I hire to pantomimes is forging ahead and also the tricks for the coming Father Christmas shows is coming along in a fine way. I find it interesting to try to create really good magic tricks that are going to be performed by actors and not by trained magicians. It’s a good challenge and I do enjoy those.
As I type Debbie is coming out of the computer speakers on her Radio Berkshire programme. How times have changed and now people all over the world tune in to hear her on the internet.
Speaking of time, it is moving on and I have to pack the car for the show tonight. Back soon (I hope!)