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Let’s Forget January

So many queries as to how I am and where I am. Thank you for all of those and for the good wishes. The truth is that whilst my ill fortune could not get any worse…. it did stay pretty bad. I made the following notes along the way….. Good grief. What am I doing […] → Continue Reading Let’s Forget January


The media caught up with the story of the accident over the last two days and, as was to be expected, changed the truth somewhat, seeking far more dramatic descriptions than the story I told in my blog. I thought I had best bring you all up to date with the situation. Yes, it was […] → Continue Reading Rumours

Seven Days of Frustration

It’s seven days since my last blog and I never expected and can’t believe how many nice and caring comments I have had on here, Twitter, emails, phone calls and Facebook. It has been amazing and heartwarming. I can only say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you. The only bad comments were on […] → Continue Reading Seven Days of Frustration

The Little Blog of Horrors

Happy New Year. My New Year Resolution was to try to keep more in touch with friends and family, on and off line. The best laid plans… Mostly I am writing this to let you know what really happened and not what somw journalist will create. What is here is not embellished but let it […] → Continue Reading The Little Blog of Horrors

The Random Blog

It’s been a month. I can’t believe it but it’s been a month since I was sitting here writing bits and bobs. Excuses? None. Reasons? Well…. I have been busy and I do mean busy. I thought that as the season of shows came to an end, and I mean the Autumn tour, life would […] → Continue Reading The Random Blog

A Few Days Off

Hurray… a few days off BUT that does not mean no work, oh dear me no. There are props to be made and today I cut and sanded all the timber that will go into making very large Christmas Crackers for three Father Christmas shows that will be needing them for rehearsal the week after […] → Continue Reading A Few Days Off

Busy Times

I simply cannot believe that it is almost a month since I last scribbled on here. My days and nights are so full that they zip by without me noticing the passing of time. That’s good, I guess. The tour of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow has been successful, thank goodness, and it has been interesting […] → Continue Reading Busy Times

The Current Show

In the midst of all the driving north south east and west somehow we are managing to do a show in a different venue most nights. As I wrote last time, the venue decides the format of the show but some folks want to know what is in the show because they can’t make it […] → Continue Reading The Current Show

Touring Notes

This tour, like all the others, never should let the audience know of the troubles and obstacles that we face before that curtain rises. They should just be entertained; that’s our job. So what does it entail? Well, generally we all have to get up early and deal with the day to day stuff of […] → Continue Reading Touring Notes

After the Fringe

It has been six days since we packed up in Edinburgh and hit the road south. Most of our stuff was put into the van, leaving the back of the car as a rabbit playground for the 8 hour journey home. We broke the trip by overnighting after a three hours driving, as we usually […] → Continue Reading After the Fringe

And now, the end is near…

Only three more shows to do here in Edinburgh and, yes, there is a feeling of sadness inside me. I love this city; I love the regular walks to work in a funny little venue with peculiar dressing room conditions; I love bumping into other acts from all walks of show business. I will miss […] → Continue Reading And now, the end is near…

The Edinburgh Fringe Mixture

One of the problems of doing the Fringe is the extraordinary amount of other shows that are on stage when your show is on stage so you can’t get to see them. Then the addition of doing all the interviews that we are doing to promote the Autumn tour also reduces the spare time available. […] → Continue Reading The Edinburgh Fringe Mixture

After the Fringe

Don’t get me wrong. We are still enjoying every moment of the Edinburgh Fringe but we do have to look ahead and the reason the blog has been ignored for a couple of days is that we have been doing interviews for the coming tour. When you first book a tour you think it is […] → Continue Reading After the Fringe

On the Fringe

Hello everyone. I have my feet up. The TV is on. Dinner has been cooked, served and eaten. Another really good day has flown by. I spent the morning multi-tasking. They say only women can do that. I think that is only said by women. Men know. Whilst doing interviews the Daniels DVD Factory was […] → Continue Reading On the Fringe

What a great day at the Fringe.

I am coming to the end of one of the best evenings I have ever had, here or anywhere else. Sure, we did the show and it seemed to be zooming along. We had other shows in to see what we were up to and we even had magicians from LA in the audience. One […] → Continue Reading What a great day at the Fringe.