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England this England

We got home, and even through Heathrow, remarkably quickly and walked through the door to face hundreds of letters, bills, greeting cards, and they all had to be left whilst I hit the bed. I still don’t sleep on planes.

It was soon back to work after checking around the family to make sure they were more than OK. The coming year doesn’t exactly bring a lot of public shows (about 60) but they all demand differing styles and props and attitude and music and so there is a lot of planning and organising to be done. I have started on that and am currently working with Scott Penrose on the Lafayette show for Edinburgh on May 7th.
Catching up with the news was also interesting. For too many years I have been saying that the Conservatives, who always have to clean up after Labour have gone, NEVER communicate with the masses, and so the masses turn against them. Now the Health Minister has apologised for not explaining his plans properly.
I think the Conservatives, having discussed it all in Cabinet meetings, forget that we don’t hear the build up to the decision and they assume we will understand.
What I am amazed at is that people have forgotten so quickly the VAST amount of debt the Labour party accumulated, giving us the false impression that all was well whilst they were borrowing billions from China. Weird.
Today isn’t going to be the best day of my life ‘cos I am going into hospital for a hernia operation. Actually, I have two of them so being from Yorkshire I am having a BOGOF deal… buy one get one free….. and they are going to do them both at the same time. Trust me to go ‘over the top’ and have a stereo job done.
I will be asleep for a couple of hours (no need for drugs… jet lag will deal with that problem) and may be/should be home this evening. Yes, it’s a worry, but then I think of all my friends who have so much more to worry about. It will be good to get rid of yet another niggling problem.
I look forward to wandering around with one of those backside revealing gowns that they give you, even when they are going to work on your front bits.
Have fun

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