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It’s the Rainy Season

After weeks of glorious sunshine, seemingly now forgotten by the bulk of the population, we have had days and days of really heavy rain. Some pundits seem surprised but not me. I know a very simple way for us to get a lot better weather. All we have to do is move Wimbledon to France. Problem solved.

I am having one of those times where I seem to be working very hard but not for any income, and you know how that hurts a Yorkshireman.
I enjoyed last weekend when I did two shows to raise funds for the Kenton Theatre in Henley upon Thames. Initially I was only going to do one show but the tickets oversold so instead of doing one soiree… I did two matinees. The weather was not good but everyone who booked seemed to enjoy visiting the lovely Fawley Court riverside mansion where I did excerpts from my presentation of the Malini Show. If you don’t know the name do a search on Google for Max Malini who was the magician’s magician.
As I tippy tap my way through this blog I am really supposed to be getting ready for the show on Sunday evening when I will be on the village green in a marquee raising funds for the RNLI. This will be a two hour show and I have pulled most of the myriad bits and pieces together onto the staircase.
What I do is put the individual small tricks each onto its own step, then move them up and down until I have the order that I want them in during the show. Then they are packed in that order ready to go onto the stage, backstage, or in my pockets.
The illusions are in the new large shed and in fact that came into its own this week when I was able to rehearse a new girl in one of the props inside the shed. Lots of room and head height, I should have done this years ago.
The rabbits are well but not too happy at being separated. I have had to do that or one of them might have got too fat to go into the hat. If you are very young and reading this, Mummy and Daddy will explain.
Time for a cuppa.

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