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Magic Days


Thank you to those who came (even from Germany!) with some of the best questions so far.  I am glad you enjoyed the information, the developments of routines, and the handling of tricks.   We had a good time.


I am so busy that I am afraid I cannot fit a Magic Teaching Day into the diary until the 26th April.   That day will be held in the village of Wargrave (Henley/Reading area), and will run from 10 to 1 and 2 to 5.   The charge for this day will be £130 and the subjects cover just about everything to do with magic… the ‘customers’ questions run the day!   I believe that this will be the last teaching Magic Day.

You can book a space on the day by sending £130 to via PayPal
You can book a space on the day by writing to confirming your intention to be there and pay on arrival.

You will receive exact details of the venue one week before the event.

“It was a revelation, not just the tricks but also the approach, the anecdotes, the tips on method, routining etc – passing on what you have learnt is a real gift.”

April 26th will be your last chance to have a fun day.

Email to this site for full details.