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“There is no need to force yourself to practise. All you have to do is ‘play’ with the props. Play with cards, for example, whilst watching TV and let your hands become really familiar with their size, shape and texture.”

Watch Paul Daniels on any stage and you somehow know nothing can go wrong.  It all looks so easy, so casual, and each effect flows with entertainment.

For years Paul has turned down request after request to reveal his methods of arriving at this level of perfection. Magicians around the world had the opportunity a few years ago to learn from his business methods with the astonishingly detailed disk titled ‘How to Make Money by Magic’ but Paul’s own performance methods were held back.

Many have tried to copy his style and have even copied his methods and routines but there is a very, very good reason why they have failed to have the same audience appeal.   Now, for the first time, Paul is going to reveal HOW AND WHY his routines were developed by taking a small group through not only the methods but also the psychological thinking that creates that deceptively simple appearance.

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