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On the Fringe

Hello everyone. I have my feet up. The TV is on. Dinner has been cooked, served and eaten. Another really good day has flown by.

I spent the morning multi-tasking. They say only women can do that. I think that is only said by women. Men know.

Whilst doing interviews the Daniels DVD Factory was in full swing in the bedroom, on the dressing table to be exact. The DVD copier was whirring away churning out the new Making Magic for beginners onto printable DVDs and the printer was printing the titles onto the disks. I found out some time back that when you stick labels onto disks the adhesive can warp them and they don’t play properly, so ever since I have used printable disks.

At the same time I was talking to

10:30am: STAR RADIO (Darlington – 23rd Sep) – James Horspool –

10:45am: LANCASHIRE EVENING POST (Morecambe / Colne) – Judith Dornan

11am: BAY RADIO (Morecambe – 17th Sep) – Darren Milby

11:15am: GLOSSOP CHRONICLE (Buxton) – Cezara Pallister

11:30am: HIGH PEAK RADIO (Buxton – 20th Sep) – Holly

11:45am: DORSET ECHO (Poole – 25th Sep, Christchurch) – Ruth Meech

12pm: YELLOW ADVERTISER (Basildon – 30th Sep) – Jenny Green

Lunch was a real treat at Le Monde with Ross King and partner Briannah, and Debbie of course. As always when we meet up we laughed a lot and then set off to do the show.

Quite a few magic acts in tonight and it is always great to watch and hear the audience rocking with laughter. Some, but usually magic acts, describe what I do as ‘old fashioned’; maybe they are right but so long as ‘normal’ people rock with laughter I will stick with the formula.

After that quite a long interview with a really nice guy. You know how you meet some people and instantly know they are OK? Well, this journalist, from the Yorkshire Post, was one of those guys. I don’t know if he will ever get to read this, but if he does, I say to Nick Ahad, it was a pleasure to be interviewed by you.

Then a slow meander home in the rain, meeting nice people along the way and, as I said, a chillin’ evening.

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  • Pete Biro
    August 18, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    numpt is the word the blog wants me to type in. Is that an English word?

  • A Magic Life
    August 18, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Word Verification has nothing to do with logic, it is merely a collection of random letters unlikely to be arrived at by an automated system and it ‘proves’ that the message is being sent by a human.
    Aren’t I clever knowing all that?