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Secrets and Variety Shows

This is one of the most frustrating times I have ever spent in show business. The past weeks have been unbelievably busy as we get ready for more work than any autumn has ever brought us. As I said in the last blog, however, we are contracted not to tell anyone what we are doing. This is exciting stuff and I want to tell everyone.

All I can tell you is that Debbie has already recorded a short series of shows for TV; she has had all the photos taken for her cookery book that will be out, we hope, for Christmas; as I write we are waiting for a TV crew to arrive and shoot what they call ‘profiles’ for a short series of shows that will feature both of us; another crew is working hard on what might be a long run on TV; the pantomime producer was around about our show in Redhill at Christmas….
See what I mean about frustrating? I would love to tell you about it all, what a burst of publicity that would be.
Come to think of it, my last series for the BBC was called ‘Secrets’…. I was ahead of my time.
At a meeting with one of the production teams our manager was asked if I would like to go on a course to learn how to handle the media!!! They actually have a course for that! What a waste of money. If the media don’t like you, NOBODY can handle them. AND I wonder who is running it?
The good news is that The Best of British Variety Show is on tour again and last week I enjoyed meeting up with Syd Little, Dana (simply delightful), Christopher Biggins (read his book), The Grumbleweeds (hysterically funny), and the Krankies (you have GOT to see her do Susan Boyle!). The show is well spread across England so catch it if you can.
Yesterday was my Mum’s 94th birthday. My brother Trevor and his brood came over too and we all had a ‘picnic’ in Mum’s lounge. Great to see everybody there and Mam (northern version) was in her element reminiscing about times past.
In the midst of all this Debbie and I have managed to find the odd couple of hours to drift up and down the river on our boat, breathing slowly to calm ourselves down.
We have also been up and down the country to the shop in Wigan, 49 Mesnes Street, and it is good to see that improving all the time.
Oh yes, one last thought… why do I get the impression in London that Boris’s bikes are just being used by people who used to ride buses and the tube, and haven’t removed any car traffic at all, merely got in the way of the cars? Sorry Boris, I’m a fan, but not of this idea.

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