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The Current Show

In the midst of all the driving north south east and west somehow we are managing to do a show in a different venue most nights. As I wrote last time, the venue decides the format of the show but some folks want to know what is in the show because they can’t make it for various reasons.

The ‘reason’ that really gets to me is the ‘I can’t afford it’ line from people who have previously told me they have been to a pub, or a football match and so on… That means they CAN afford it and it far better value for money, honest, and that isn’t conceit, it’s the opinion of all those who talk to us after a performance or write on Twitter and Facebook.
Let’s take last night’s show as an ‘average’ show…
Debbie and I walk on and do a tiny greeting to the audience before she exits and I do my version of a trick called 6 Card Repeat. This is a good opening routine because it gets the audience involved and shouting before I exit and Debbie enters to do a version of Gypsy Thread… (a broken and restored routine)
I come back on, get a girl from the audience and levitate her. I have done this for years but two shows back came up with a new gag and it makes the audience laugh. When this is over I invite her to stay whilst I demonstrate a colour changing handkerchief before walking her all round and through a large paper covered box.
Martin bursts out of this box and goes into his act with lots of gags and a milk funnel routine to close the first half.
I explain why the logo of magic is a rabbit from a hat and I do a crazy way to produce a rabbit before vanishing her and as I exit Debbie re-enters and does a trick called Multum in Parvo, with milk and glasses.
I come back on and do what is known in the trade as ‘Act as Known’ which takes up the rest of the second half. We all take a bow and then go out to the foyer to sign autographs whilst Gareth, our touring Stage Manager, loads up the van and we all head for bed, ready to be on the road the next morning for the next town.
Writing this cold description of tricks in no way tells how funny this show has become and a lot of the gags are dependent upon the various members of the audience who join us on stage. We all enjoy being on stage and I think that feeling is infectious.
Now I have a two night break from the tour but I have to fly out to Switzerland to do a private show. Ah, the glamour of show business

5 comments to The Current Show

  • Y2Neildotcom
    October 9, 2011 at 8:20 am

    Very accurate description of the show but you’re right that it doesn’t even scratch the surface. I never stopped smiling throughout the show, my girlfriend was in fits of giggles (especially at Martins act) and I got to relive a boyhood dream to witness the worlds greatest magician that I grew up watching live on stage.

    Thank you sir for a really brilliant night and I implore everyone to go see this show. Too expensive? Pah! Fantastic value for money! Don’t stay away too long!

  • catmutha
    October 9, 2011 at 9:55 am

    I recently attended the Darlington show and you’re right, the cold description doesn’t do the show justice. It is just that, a cold description. It doesn’t include the excitement, wonder and the belly laughs that are a huge part of the show. As a music fan ( foo fighters… Lol) I pay way more money for music gigs and I guess it depends on how much you want to see something. To me the show was not that expensive and above all it was worth every penny, and that is what matters most. If you missed this show, you missed out.

  • Keith Appleby
    October 13, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Mr Daniels.

    My name is Keith Appleby, I have been trying to contact you for 5 days from your website, but the email boxes are bouncing.

    I am a full time student, in Teesside, and we are required to complete a five minute documentary with the brief “Teesside Stories” we would like to do our documentary on yourself.

    Can you please contact me, with regards to this, i awate your contact,

  • Aidan Heritage
    October 15, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Gordon Craig, Stevenage in early November – fond memories of the TV show, the prince of Wales show, even the 50th convention of the British ring (was that REALLY over 25 years ago?). Have a relaxed photo of you at the outside stunt (it’s on the British Ring pages on Facebook!). It will be a late birthday treat, sharing the day and month of my birth with Debbie (but 2 years later).

  • Masterless Magician
    October 17, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    apart from life saving medicines I’m not sure what could be more value for money. I saw the show in the Udder Belly and am still planning on seeing it again in Clacton 🙂

    It was a flawless performance and has kept me and my friends talking about it for many months. Much better value than a DVD or drinking session