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V.A.T. The Uneconomical Tax

2011 is now settling in and the media are full of how we are all suffering from the cutbacks and reduced services and on and on and on. Very little is written about how the current government don’t really have much of choice, just as Thatcher didn’t when she took over a horrendous financial mess. Everyone called her the Iron Lady and prattled on about how she was so tough with the unions. Well, that was easy, we had no money to pay their increasing demands, so she HAD to say no.

Now we are in a worse state and who would want the job of trying to recover from the horrendous debt? Not me.
On the other hand I had forgotten about my early thoughts on the V.A.T. When it went up to 20% once again I couldn’t help but think this is the most expensive way to collect taxation. Think about it.
When I get a fee for performing, I have to charge the person paying me an extra 20% and in the main, they claim that back from the tax man. How does the tax man pay them that money? Presumably with the money I collected and have to give to him. This money goes round in a complete circle and does nothing. Why bother with it?
Sure, those not registered can’t claim it back, but the large amounts just go round and round and to nothing but increase the paperwork. Am I wrong?
I find it all very odd.
We finished the panto having made good new friends of the rest of the cast, made all ages laugh and shout and sing. Great fun.
I must say I am feeling rather proud of myself ‘cos I have FORCED myself to clear out and sell on the magic stuff I have been storing for years. That sale is still going on and I would hope that in a couple more weeks it will all be gone.
In looking at it all again I realised how innovative we were when we made the Paul Daniels Magic Shows, extending boundaries and always pushing ourselves to make the magic different to what had gone before.
I guess that is my biggest criticism of the current spate of magic shows that have burst onto the scene. I have seen nothing new, nothing twisted into a new moment of ‘How the Hell…..?’
To the young viewers of course, it is all marvellous and that is great, but I don’t think I will be watching any more of the shows, except when I know there is a mate being screened.
I could write reams on the presentations, the direction, and so on, but I am afraid that I would be accused of bitterness, jealousy, and the like. It’s not true, I love my chosen art form, magic, and I would simply love to see it shown to the public at its best.
To those who have asked what I am up to this year, I really have not decided what to do. Sure, we have an up coming tour of the South Seas for a month and will be seeing old friends in New Zealand and LA, but beyond that I don’t know what I want to do.
For now I am happy clearing out and getting rid. When that is done no doubt I will get bored and hit the road again….

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  • Pete Biro
    January 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    Good stuff Paul. I watched the Telly via Utube and it [b]stunk[/b]… whatever happened to good solid programming and real ideas?
    See you in April (that’s when the cars crash and block the 405 between the airport and your hotel) …. 🙂