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Watching Paint Dry

The title says it all. I really am watching paint dry, although to be honest I have come into the house to wait for it to happen. I sat down here and tootled about on the computer and then…..

“NO. NONONO. It CAN’T be. It must be. As the kids now say OMG. It was October 20th when I was on here last. Considering I haven’t done all that much I feel SO guilty. Megacatchup is called for…
I had a couple of days of tidying up and sorting out before going to Eurodisney on the Eurostar. I had never been on this service before and it was great. To be very honest I was totally unaware of going through the tunnel. I was reading a book, looked up and thought, ‘Oh, that architecture looks different’ and then worked out I was in France.
The gig was different as magicians who were friends were onstage with me going over my life and performances. How very nice of them. Debbie had gone off to the Lady Ratlings Ball and picked me up when I came back that night.
Another good friend, Bill Mundy, had a great party in his apartment to celebrate his birthday before flying off to Singapore. Have a look at Bill Mundy’s blog (easy to find and why should I do all the work for you 🙂 and I am sure you will enjoy it)
The clocks went back for reasons that are completely beyond me. So it gets dark… it does that anyway…
And then it was Debbie’s birthday. We went off to Deb’s parents and had a family party there. Deb is always on the go and next morning she headed off to Newcastle to sort out and make sure that two old friends were being properly looked after as they were both suffering illnesses.
I went off to a ‘reading’ of Hamlet’s ghost in Reading before nipping to Heathrow to pick Deb up on the way back. Yes! Daniels did Shakespeare the following day. How dramatic is that? There is a company called Oddsox and they go around the country taking the bard not too seriously which makes it attractive to those who perhaps think Will is a bit heavy.
A neighbour dropped in with her gardener and planted a tree for us as a thank you for a party we held. How nice of her.
Cabaret time at The Savoy Hotel for a private dinner and believe me it’s not easy following Rick Wakeman, the genius. Somehow I managed to quiet them down and make ’em laugh ‘cos that’s my job and everyone seemed happy with my foolery.
Then it was time for me to go round to the village hall and video the Wargrave Theatre Workshop Group performing Lysistrata. Sure it was naughty but it was also very funny AND made a good point regarding war. Written 2,500 years ago and still so relevant. Watching the fantastic Remembrance Service from the Albert Hall a few nights later all I could think of was ‘when will these stupid leaders and fanatics learn?’ Answer, probably never.
It was interesting to pop back into the studios and do a Q and A session for Strictly Experience which is where lucky applicants get a tour of the studios and meet some of the people involved.
Our next door neighbour John had a great birthday party in the world famous Leander Club. He has such nice friends it is always a pleasure to go to their ‘bashes’.
The next day was not so good, although if you can ever describe a funeral as good, Mike Craig had one of the best. Look him up on the internet, and buy his books and disks which are still on sale. I know you will enjoy those.
In the midst of all of these happenings Debbie and I have started to learn our lines for the pantomime and I have been pulling the props together. One of them needed painting and I started that this morning, which is why I am watching paint dry…

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  • RG9
    November 16, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Mr D – I’d begun to think you had finally surrendered your sole completely to twittering so thank you for updating the blog: it is just so much more rounded and interesting than a score of twits! As ever I remain amazed as your indefatigable efforts dashing here, there and everywhere. Keep it up! Cheers!!

  • RG9
    November 16, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Sole. SOLE! Did I really type SOLE when I meant SOUL? Aaargh!!??

  • Robert
    December 5, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Pantos before blogs, methinks! Long time no update . . .