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What a great day at the Fringe.

I am coming to the end of one of the best evenings I have ever had, here or anywhere else. Sure, we did the show and it seemed to be zooming along. We had other shows in to see what we were up to and we even had magicians from LA in the audience.

One guy who I got on stage even turned out to be a talent coordinator from LA as well. LA must be nearly empty. Who knows, perhaps he is looking for a major sex symbol and I’ll get the part. 🙂
After the show we headed for a quiet area and enjoyed a crack or three with Roy Walker before meandering down the hill to the Pleasance Courtyard to watch one of the most original and hysterical acts I have ever seen. Whilst waiting to go in we met up with Kev Orkian, another great entertainer and had a lot of gags going with the waiting crowd.
It is impossible to describe what we saw so all I will say is if you get ANY opportunity to see The Boy with Tape on his Face, go. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. One nice surprise for me was to see him do something I learnt as a child, the propellor cigarette paper. I couldn’t believe it ‘cos I had never seen anyone else do it.
After the show Debbie, Kev and I went for a pasta supper and rounded off the night swapping show business stories. I love Edinburgh.

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