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A Few Days Off

Hurray… a few days off BUT that does not mean no work, oh dear me no. There are props to be made and today I cut and sanded all the timber that will go into making very large Christmas Crackers for three Father Christmas shows that will be needing them for rehearsal the week after next.

If all goes well I will prime them, hinge them, and paint/decorate them tomorrow and that will leave clear on Friday to make another flying carpet for another Aladdin pantomime.
At the same time my rabbit production table needs servicing and Father Christmas also needs three floating ‘worlds’… don’t ask, but don’t I have the weirdest of jobs?
So, all the time I am working away in the shed, I listen to the news and the journalists must be delirious that they don’t have to work at finding news. Greece, Greece, Greece, Italy, more Greece, more Italy… and none of the coverage makes any sense at all to common mortals.
For example, today I heard that Italy can’t get anybody to lend them money ‘cos the interest rates are too high and next year they need to borrow 300 odd BILLION. OK, but why doesn’t anyone tell me what it is for? Why doesn’t anyone tell me WHO is lending the money? Why doesn’t anyone tell me what would happen if they DIDN’T borrow it? And what looney thinks they are entitled to that money to spend on stuff they patently cannot afford?
Woah Daniels. Doesn’t the same thing apply to Greece? Would the Greek world of the man on the street be SO changed if they said Sorry to whoever they borrowed it from and couldn’t pay ANY of it back… not the interest, not the capital sum, nothing. It’s not REAL money anyway, is it? Nobody went to Greece with all those billions in suitcases…. it’s all on computers, nowhere else.
Another thing boggles me. WE are in debt. The last government borrowed FAR more than we were able to pay back and WE are in debt BUT I read that we are going to most likely lend money to Greece, possibly then Italy, and some countries in Africa. Why? WE are in debt and we are now reducing our debt at an amazing rate. I heard a foreigner today saying that we are rapidly becoming the pattern that other countries are trying to emulate… but if we lend money doesn’t that increase our debt, or reduce our chances of paying off our debt? Unless, as I said earlier, it’s not REAL money and the whole damn stupid business is organised bollocks.
So whilst they are all playing their silly games David Batty and his partner Rebecca have worked real magic on our online shop at www.magicandfancydress.com. You can now spend many a happy hour reading about the 8,000 tricks we have on offer… I even bought a trick off myself today, the site is that good. 🙂

2 comments to A Few Days Off

  • Paul e Watts
    November 10, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Totally agree Paul – it’s all numbers on spread sheets. Every country seems to owe every country. Why don’t we just say ‘Look…this is insane – let’s just clear all fields in our lovely spreadsheets and start all over!’ What’s wrong with that?

  • Pete Biro
    November 10, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Lucky I don’t have much money anyway, so I can just sit and watch. If each country borrows the same amount would that make it all even?