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A Great Day Off Work

After the mayhem of the past few weeks today, Sunday, was a wonderful relief from trying to force my brain to learn dance steps.

Sadly Debbie had to go to work so I dragged myself out of the bed and went off to Homebase. I have had some weird things to design in life as a props and effects designer but the current job wins hands down. The producer of an ancient Greek play needs the men in it to become obviously excited. No… we can’t use the natural way of things to bring this about so all sorts of mysterious, and rude, looking gadgets are cluttering the house until I solve the problems.
Then I visited a garden centre to start to get a prop together in case I am in next week’s Strictly Come Dancing. They seem to want a ‘magical’ touch to happen each week, but that isn’t going to be possible because I only like stuff that fits the song or the moment. I used cards last night as a ‘link’ to the song, Lady Luck. What a great song.
I have been truly stunned by the support from Facers and Twitters, emails and letters, family, friends and strangers on the streets for Strictly. If any of them read this, megathanks to you all.
Debbie came home, had a nap and then we took the boat out onto the river for an hour. What a perfect day and unbelievably hot sunshine. A lovely trip culminated in an ice cream treat as we walked around the garden. I think I’ll go to bed because the day can’t get better.

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