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After the Fringe

Don’t get me wrong. We are still enjoying every moment of the Edinburgh Fringe but we do have to look ahead and the reason the blog has been ignored for a couple of days is that we have been doing interviews for the coming tour.

When you first book a tour you think it is a long way off and then, suddenly, you become aware that it is next month and we already more than half way through August. Gulp.
So, we have spent a lot of time on the phone and in the local radio station taking to a very wide range of interviewers. It is very important that for every one night stand we cover ALL the local radio stations and ALL the local newspapers and magazines. People no longer seem to think along the lines of ‘what’s on the TV?’ ‘what’s on the theatre?’ so it is very difficult to reach out to them all and let them know we are on the way.
Twitter and Facebook help quite a bit in publicity terms, and the blog, and they help to direct possible customers to the list that is constantly updated on the web site. Sure, we do have a great PR, but it is still down to us to say ‘yes’ to every possible outlet and then to do it.
In between the calls I have been replicating, printing and packaging the simple magic DVD, Making Magic, which is sold in the shop and online shop. Now I know it all works, of course, I will have them ‘manufactured.’
The shows here are still going well, and we are now being told on the streets that we are ‘the show to see’ but even so, last night was only about half full. There is simply too much ‘competition’ and so much of the entertainment is ‘free’. I put that in quotes because as we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch and the venues that say they are free are making their money on sales of alcohol and food. We do neither.
A bit of a dash, and a crepe along the way to sustain us, and we got in to see the comedy imp Barry Cryer. The man LOVES comedy and is one of the great raconteurs. It was a joy to see his show and for me to realise there IS somebody out there who is older than me. In fact I think his initials refer to his birth date. As Barry is an old mate we had chance for a quick natter after the show with him and his wife.
A big surprise last night after the show was to find that Topaz, the German magician, had been in the audience with two of his German showbusiness friends. It’s embarrassing how well they speak English. A good natter with them and Paul Zenon made us miss Bobby Crush and the Liberace show but we have rearranged that for Sunday.
It’s Martin’s birthday today. He can’t really be that old can he? The clock ticks away, doesn’t it?
Right now the clock is telling me to clean out the rabbits and go to the Post Office. Debbie is flying around getting ready for our friends who are arriving for the weekend. Have fun