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An easy day at the Fringe

Yup. Easy. I even had a sleep in this morning. Aw come on, I deserved it. I loved mooching around this morning tidying the stuff that was lying around and then I went a bit nuts cleaning up the rabbit’s home. By the time I had cleaned out the litter trays, the bed area, the very large bottom tray (which is deep) and replaced all the sawdust and bedding it had taken up over an hour.

A lovely quiet lunch with Debbie and off we went to the venue again. The show went well, with no hiccups and one of my best ad-libs of this season when two women in the front row separated by a row of kids started slagging each other off. One of them told me that the other was her sister and sort of asked for my help. ‘I think you are confusing me with Jeremy Kyle’ I said and the audience roared. See? Comedy doesn’t have to be witty, just timely!
Even though the audience were very complimentary and a lot of them wanted photos and autographs after the show I didn’t feel that I was at my best. It’s like that sometimes. The audience love it but you feel you were not firing on all cylinders.
That feeling was gone when much later I hit the stage in a Spiegeltent to be part of the Full Mooners show. This is a great idea by Andrew Maxwell, an Irish comedian, in which he and the audience howl every time a full moon is projected on the screen at the end of each gag or trick. I invited Debbie to join me and improvised a mindreading routine with me in the audience and Debbie providing the answers. Then I did my comedy cards across again (such a useful trick) and after watching the brilliant comedy observations of Glenn Wool we meandered home again.
The rabbits have been tended to. I have had my supper. It’s time for bed.

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