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Lazy Days

Lazy days?   Not really.   Since coming back from the fabulous time we had at the EMC in Portugal (and thank you for all the kind comments) I have not done much in the way of performances.     A few private gigs is all.     That sounds like lazy days but… Around […] → Continue Reading Lazy Days

Magic Convention

As I type this Debbie and I are on a flight back from Portugal.   Three years ago a friend of ours, the great Portuguese magician Luis de Matos, had an idea about an online convention.  He teamed up with the astonishing Marco Tempest and the writer/creator David Brittland to bring to life something called the […] → Continue Reading Magic Convention

Catch up time for a Magician (Me)

The reason that I have not been blogging is that since the end of the Hair Today Gone Tomorrow  Tour, I don’t seem to have done much worth talking about.   That having been said, I don’t seem to have stopped doing stuff. Debbie is happy because I am actually doing stuff around the house and […] → Continue Reading Catch up time for a Magician (Me)

Jimmy Carr and the Tax man

For the past week the press, the government and, of course, other comics have had a field day picking on Jimmy Carr, a comedian whose work I like. Every time something has been said about it I simply felt like screaming ‘It’s not his fault’.   Nobody has picked on the civil servants who left […] → Continue Reading Jimmy Carr and the Tax man

The Party’s Over

At the end of a series, a run, or a tour, I wonder if every artist ponders over whether they will ever work again. I know I do.   This last tour has been quite wonderful and full of laughter.   By that I don’t mean just from the audience.   All the gang have […] → Continue Reading The Party’s Over

Boats and Home again

Ireland was wonderful.   Both Debbie and I love it over there.   The trip across the sea, despite all the weather warnings, was as calm a crossing as you could ever wish for.   We had set off early morning, with Kev and Michelle Orkian in the car and we spent that trip and […] → Continue Reading Boats and Home again

On Holiday

OK, the title is a little misleading, but to me being at home is a holiday. The tour of Scotland went very well with the Twitter and Facebook comments being extremely favourable. I was once asked by a well known newspaper critic why I refused to give him free tickets for the show. In reply […] → Continue Reading On Holiday

I was sure I had posted this but obviously not!

The time flies by, yet again.   To all those who have wondered my hands are working fine and that episode of my life is in the past.   The performance, to the eyes of large and small audiences, looks the same thanks to adjustments I have made. The tour is still going on and in fact […] → Continue Reading I was sure I had posted this but obviously not!

New Orleans and home again

Thunder and lightning is a strange phrase. We all say it but it’s the wrong way round. The lightning comes first, then the thunder. That’s the observation I made when, on the long run up the Mississippi to New Orleans and for the entire day and night we were there it never stopped flashing, roaring […] → Continue Reading New Orleans and home again

The Evening of the Fourth Day

Both the shows went well last night, according to the Cruise Director and the passengers who talked to me last night. It’s not the easiest of rooms to work. The audience is on the far side of the dance floor area and if you do choose to work on the dance floor you are too […] → Continue Reading The Evening of the Fourth Day

The Morning of the Third Day

I rose again at about 0530, having waited an hour or so for Debbie to wake up. Whenever we travel from East to West we always wake up early thanks to the time differences. We are heading for Roatan and we have never been there before. Yesterday was a day at sea and we spent […] → Continue Reading The Morning of the Third Day

All At Sea

So you want to be a professional entertainer… Well, what you have to remember is that at all levels of this peculiar business, you have to keep putting money away not just for a rainy day, but for very stormy days as well. Your expenses go on and on even when you are not working […] → Continue Reading All At Sea

The Gall of It!!!

Hey, has anyone out there got a time machine? I would really like to go back to 8a.m. on the morning of the 1st January this year and start all over again. Now that is not like me at all ‘cos I have always been a tomorrow person and I hope that tomorrow I will […] → Continue Reading The Gall of It!!!

The Damaged Hand

One oddity of ‘The Hand’ is that it feels holes in things and just in case anyone else is going through the same experience I drew up the above explanation. Again Again Again… MEGA thanks to all the family, friends, fans and people I have never met who all expressed their concern over my accident […] → Continue Reading The Damaged Hand

200 Years of Charles Dickens

Yes, 200 years ago one of the greatest writers of all time was born, but today you’ve only got me. I’ll do my best. Thank you once again to all those who have communicated in one form or another with good wishes and kind comments. There’s ‘nowt’ wrong with being nice to people is there? […] → Continue Reading 200 Years of Charles Dickens