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It’s all Chinese to me…

Well now, this took a bit of sorting out this time because Debbie and I are in Hong Kong. When I went to add a new post to this blog the screen all changed to Chinese. Eventually I found a ‘translate’ button and then it got worse; I couldn’t understand the English. I love Hong […] → Continue Reading It’s all Chinese to me…

The Panic Sets In…

Well, perhaps the title is a slight exaggeration but in a few days I am off to do shows and lectures in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Los Angeles. It seemed like a good idea months ago, but now…. I guess that I should spend a happy couple of hours packing tricks into travelling trunks […] → Continue Reading The Panic Sets In…

Daily Mirror and More Lies

Well well well, once again the Daily Mirror produce a terrible, very personal, sarcastic attempt at destruction after what was in truth (and I do have witnesses) a fun morning of laughter. In what follows they lie and distort in just about every paragraph. My fault, of course, for falling for the trap of doing […] → Continue Reading Daily Mirror and More Lies

Your Own Manifesto

With all of the fuss about which parties are going to give up some of their ‘principles’ just so they can get ‘power’ I have been thinking about what I would like to see them offering me and my country. It would seem that it would be a good idea if we all created our […] → Continue Reading Your Own Manifesto

A Glorious Opportunity

We have had an election. I’m sure some of you remember it. The BBC made the longest ever TV show where they repeatedly said they knew nothing, didn’t know which way it was going, couldn’t decide anything, had Jeremy Vine leaping about in Graphic World and none of it meant anything at all. Today all […] → Continue Reading A Glorious Opportunity

Party Political Apology

Yes folks, this comes from my official Party Office to apologise for not being around for a few weeks on the Blog Scene. For some reason or other the program I used for posting blogs stopped working and despite experts working on it, WordPress would not allow me to post scribblings. They tell me this […] → Continue Reading Party Political Apology

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