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Catch up time for a Magician (Me)

The reason that I have not been blogging is that since the end of the Hair Today Gone Tomorrow  Tour, I don’t seem to have done much worth talking about.   That having been said, I don’t seem to have stopped doing stuff.
Debbie is happy because I am actually doing stuff around the house and garden and slowly, ever so slowly, getting rid of more and more stuff like posters and books.    I put them on eBay because I am too undisciplined to sit hour after hour cataloguing them for a major saleroom auction.  
More than one magician/collector has been on to me asking me how I can bear to part with these lovely magical mementos and the truth of that might sound rather depressing, but it isn’t.  I am well aware that I am an older person and that younger people than I are reported daily as having passed on/died.    A lot of this collection has been acquired because a magician has died and his family have no idea what the stuff is for or what its history might be.
Couple that with a statement from a friend some time back about a lovely table she sold…’I have owned it for quite a few years.  It is time for someone else to enjoy it.’
I have had museums on to me to donate the stuff to them and then the records will show my name.  I would rather the bits and pieces went to people who love magic and appreciate the history of it instead of vanishing into some dusty vault.
Oh, don’t worry, I have no intention of popping off my clogs just yet.  I feel fine thank you.   The question I am most asked is what is my seller name on eBay and that is simple.   If you do an advanced search under Seller I am pauldaniels.
The online shop www.magicandfancydress.comis doing more and more business thanks to having more and more choice and the Wigan shop cum distribution centre is looking better and better thanks to Paul, my son.    
Martin, (middle son), is doing very well on the oceans of the world as he entertains passengers on cruise ships and Gary, (youngest son) is still training people to be fit… so I avoid his sessions.
Debbie and I, despite the seemingly continuous rain at one point, have enjoyed many a fine trip up and down the Thames on our boat and we managed to retain the name ‘The Lovely Debbie McGee’ for it.
My Mother hasn’t been 100% fit, but seems to be on the up.  Next month she will celebrate her 96thbirthday.
Gil and Hopper are probably the most cared for rabbits in the whole of rabbitdom and I have ideas about extending their run in the garden… they do seem to like new adventures and toys.
Speaking of the garden, whilst I was recording a TV show in Devon and Debbie was working in her office on the back of the house, there was a huge explosion of sound and a VERY large willow tree snapped in two, just missing Debbie’s office and bringing down another tree with it.   This is where great neighbours are wonderful.   One in particular, together with his friend from the village, have been and sawed it all up into logs and taken it all away.   
The back garden now looks extraordinarily spacious.
That’s it.  You, dear reader, are now almost up to date.

5 comments to Catch up time for a Magician (Me)

  • Masterless Magician
    July 31, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I think we can all appreciate your frankness and honesty regarding the books. AND your generosity. I’m sure who ever buys them will cherish them (I know I will. I was fortunate enough to win “Card Fantasies”) On the subject of that book I bid on it because I’m working on some simple flourishes, I learnt plenty of magic but neglected the showy moves and now thanks to dynamo you have to have a little panache when cutting and fanning cards at kids shows 🙂
    I did have a little fun explaining to my mates that the famous Paul Daniels was sending me a book to help me on that point, before admitting I’d won your auction:)

    Was wonderful seeing you both at the EMC, Debbie’s talk really got the room thinking 🙂

  • mark powlett
    July 31, 2012 at 10:46 am

    I really enjoy hearing about your boat and seeing the pictures of it on the river. Its clearly a very relaxing thing for you. So glad you enjoy it.

  • A Magic Life
    July 31, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Hi MM… enjoy the book… I find the best way to practice flourishes to do them whilst watching TV… that way I tend to not look at my hands all the time.

  • A Magic Life
    July 31, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Hi MP… no doubt about it.. boats do relax you more than most things

  • Pete Biro
    July 31, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Sounds like all is going well… Keeping busy keeps you young (an tired out) ;o)