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Hello,   this particular page is not written by some faceless secretary or agent.   This is down to me, so I’ll take all the blame.  🙂

Years ago my mailboxes were flooded with Charity requests for goodies or appearances and the like.   My then management decided that we should ‘adopt’ a few and only work for them, and that is what we did.   That meant that even today I have to turn down so many requests which does sadden me, but you can’t do them all.

This year, however, I am opening the doors to a different idea which is a bit difficult to explain.     Firstly you have to understand that my normal business pays me quite a large amount of money, which maintains all the costs of my office and running costs such as prop replacement and so on.   A normal fee, dependent upon the size of the job and its requirements, can run between £6k to £25k.

When a charity asks for a show, and of course this depends entirely upon whether the date is free, my management endeavour to come to a discounted fee that still allows the charity to make a profit.     They can be contacted at

I know from experience that they allow charities to make a profit, sometimes a considerable profit by organising a ‘happening’ and selling the tickets/running a raffle etcetera which, let’s face it, is what the companies that book me are able to do.

Best wishes,

Paul Daniels