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Decisions Decisions

It has been busy busy busy round here, the way I like it.   I have started to work to a sort of schedule to prevent me getting bored with any one particular job.    So, the average day has changed somewhat…

I get up and the first job is the emails and I check all my different addresses.   Like most people I guess, I have different addresses that make it easier to sort out what they are for.   The busiest over the last couple of weeks has been the one that deals with the Magic Days I am hosting and I have just been sorting stuff out for  tomorrow’s visiting magicians.

After emails I visit Twitter, which I have linked to Facebook but I have to go to FB to reply to the Facers.  Then, with a cuppa, I go up to the room where I am copying my TV shows in real time onto DVDs.   When I was at the BBC and the shows were being recorded and transmitted I bought a whole set of recorders to make sure I got the best of copies.   Now, thanks to modern upgrading DVD recorders those copies are now just about as good as they will ever get.    I am thinking of starting a PDMS 100 Club.   The 100 Members will get DVDs based on how they can afford them.   Current costing, and remember these are not big runs, is working out at about £11 a disk and they will get one a week, a fortnight, a month… their decision.    To be honest I don’t think I’ll do anything until I get 100 members ‘cos it simply isn’t worth the hassle of copying the disks, printing the disks, printing the covers, posting them out…

I try to do a bit on the boat, in the shed, and work on the coming IBM show every day.  

For those who follow our antics, everybody seems to be fine including the rabbits.

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