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Early Morning Thoughts

Despite a long long driving day yesterday, and then for some strange reason waking up bright as a button and finding out it was only 1120 PM!!!, then being awake for a couple of hours in the night, I woke up far too early at about 0610am.

Debbie was already up and getting ready to go to the gym. It’s now 8.12 and I have already repaired and wrapped an old magic table that I have to send to Germany. That has been the story of the last couple of weeks really, as I crate up and parcel up all the stuff I have sold on eBay.
Not many big illusions to go now and yes, there are moments of nostalgia even though I know I would rebuild them if I needed to use that sort of prop again. It’s hard letting go of stuff that your Dad and brother made and painted.
Never mind, it was good to meet up with keen magicians again who deal with that size of prop. The containers that I store the tricks in are in the middle of a very open field in North Lincolnshire and it’s a lonely spot if you have an accident? Yup, silly me lost control of a large illusion in its box when I was moving it to load it into a van. I lost the balance point and it really winded me when it cracked across my chest, pinning me for a while until I called upon my Super Powers to shift it. Lesson learnt.
I chose not to do much in the way of shows during this period whilst I sort out all the ‘stock’ and tidy up my life. Thank goodness for eBay I say. One thing that proved very popular was finding some immaculate, but old, posters of shows I did at the Savoy and the Prince of Wales Theatres. They have sold like, well, hot posters!
Managed to find time to get up to our shop in Mesnes Street in Wigan and that is looking very good now. People who go in there don’t seem to realise however that in the Fancy Dress and Magic lines, if we ain’t got it we can get it pretty quickly.
Right now life is manic because next month we are going away for four weeks and have to not only pack the clothing and the props needed, but also sort out a full stage show for the tribute to Lafayette, the magician who died 100 years ago in a theatre fire in Edinburgh. We have had an outline meeting but there are so many details to ‘fix’ before we go.
Apart from that it’s pretty quiet!

3 comments to Early Morning Thoughts

  • GoldAnne
    February 4, 2011 at 8:58 am

    wow YOU SOUND BUSY,!
    I wondered if it would be upsetting selling your stuff!!xx

  • Pete Biro
    February 4, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Let us know when you are in our neighborhood?

  • Hardpunk
    February 8, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Interesting to hear you are doing a tribute show the TGL, is it going to be in Edinburgh cos I might be able to make it there from Aberdeen. Will you be entering on a large white stallion? His story is so inspiring on many levels not just to magicians, I once met the son of someone who worked for the undertakers who conducted the funeral and he had some pictures from the time and everyone visiting Edinburgh should go visit the grave.