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Football and Capello

I know, I know… it’s over, but it is still being discussed everywhere I go. As regular readers of this stuff will know, I’m not a raving fan. I am one of those people who think it is only a game BUT there are things in all the hype that no one seems to have commented on, so I will.

I agree with EVERYONE I have talked to that whoever made the decision to agree to a contract that paid Capello, the Tommy Cooper lookalike, millions if he was sacked, was an out and out idiot.
My own observation was that immediately one of the worst showings by any team anywhere, Capello said that he thought his players played well. IF that is the truth, then doesn’t that automatically follow that HE must have been at fault in his strategy, in his positioning, in his coaching? And if he got it so wrong, then why pay him anything?
My second observation is that the moment he was told he could stay on as God of England, he said he was going to get rid of a lot of players from the team. Now you have to remember that HE PICKED these players, they played well according to him, but now he is sacking them. This clown really does not know what he is doing. Again I ask, who signed the multimillion pound contract?
I agree with EVERYONE that I have talked to about another basic principle. The English team should be made up of English players with an English coach and an English manager. National teams should be COMPLETELY made up of Nationals.
One more thing, I really think it is a downer when an important international, or national, match is decided by a penalty shoot out. A team that has hung on by the skin of its teeth can win the trophy by getting a player getting lucky at the end. Truly weird. I think I have a much better offering.
In a boxing match, where referees sit around the ring counting solid blows and if there is no knockout, the winner is decided by who gave the most of them, a decision on points earned. Why not do the same with a football match? Refs sit around the ground counting the number of solid shots at the goal? Perhaps then teams would always try to be on the attack and get rid of all that ponsy passing around when they feel they are ahead, wasting time. They would HAVE to keep trying to score, much more exciting.
Final point… footballers should have to go to tennis training because footballers are nowhere near as fit or as fast as the lads we see playing tennis.
I’m outta here.
p.s. Any truth in the rumour I am spreading that footballers are going to be used in the Olympic diving teams?

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