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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow on Tour

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity trying to get all the props together for the tour. If you see the show you probably won’t notice most of them, you will only remember the laughter.

As any pro magician knows, it’s not just the getting them together, it’s getting them to work and making sure that everyone on and off the stage knows where each item has to be at the right time.
Then there’s the music cues and the lighting cues and then……………. you arrive at the venue and some of them haven’t got the facilities for a full blown stage show so you have to ‘edit’ the show on the fly.
The night before the tour started I performed at a Comedy Festival in the East End of London. I found it very interesting because it is not my normal kind of venue or event but it took me back to my roots in the clubs and seemed to operate in the same way.
The van had set off the day before for Morecambe and Debbie and I drove the rabbit limo (my new name for the Prius which now has a cage and run in the back) 240 miles up to do the Platform which is a converted railway station on the Promenade. First night and the sound cues weren’t right ‘cos our sound man wasn’t completely sorted out, but because most of the show is about comedy it was easy to make gags out of the situation.
It was great to have Martin back in the show and even Debbie did a couple of tricks. As it was an open platform two illusions had to go, there wasn’t enough room to get them on, but it didn’t matter to the audience who were rocking with laughter and having a great night out.
The next morning we had to drive 240 miles back again. That’s the life of the entertainer folks. Immediately I was back at work adjusting bits and bobs and on the phone discussing what needed tightening where and so on.
All in all I am happy with the way it’s working and I think that this run will be fun.
Whilst that was all going on I decided it was time to let the world know about and get them to ‘Like’ the page. It’s early days so we are focusing first on the fancy dress side of the business before going on to increase the magic props and routines.
Already there has been a swell of interest so fingers crossed that it will take off and we will get more and more organised in that direction.
As I write it’s late and I have to be up at 6 a.m. to load up for a few days away. Tomorrow night we will be doing the show in the lovely Opera House in Buxton.
I can hear the words of the song I’ll be singing as I pull away in the morning…”On the road again, me and Debbie on the road again…..”