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Hong Kong

Debbie and I have been here now for about a week and I have had emails and tweets asking me why and so on. It’s simple. I was supposed to do a public show and a lecture and a Master class, all magic of course, but the business side of it, all set up with a promoter, fell through. That’s show biz, but we decided to come anyway and have a mooch around.

Although the weather has not been great we have been so very lucky and only got caught a little in one shower.
I promise that one day I will find time to edit and post some photos, but at the moment we don’t waste a minute of our time here. We have walked SO far and…
Had fabulous food
Visited the Flower Market
Visited the Bird Market
Visited all the posh shops on Kowloon side
Been on the Star Ferry (ah, the memories) to Hong Kong Island…
We did the last one today and took a ferry from next to our hotel to the Wanchai District Ferry Station. Then we walked and walked but it simply got more and more wonderful.
Kowloon side, we felt, is much more touristy and very very pricey but Hong Kong island was much more as it was, although I missed ogling the girls in their cheung sams.
Debbie, knowing that my first girl friend was Chinese, kept a close watch on me, especially when when it became obvious that the girls were looking at me and thinking…..’Oooooh…. if only he was older…..’
We had a lunch on the balcony of the Pawn bar and restaurant…. (you can get bangers and mash, I had Heinz beans on toast). How adventurous was that????!!!!
Then we got on one of the hundreds of trams that ply their trade along the length of what is now a main road but used to be the waterfront. These run on tracks so they know exactly where they are going and don’t bump into lamp posts, for example, and have an overhead pick up from a single cable.
London really should have these to get rid of that pollution in Oxford Street. These are MUCH cheaper to run anyway. I can remember that when I was here the fare was 10cents and even now it only cost 20pUK and you just get on and off anywhere or go for the full run. Every trip 20p.
That trip really brought the memories flooding back and I loved it.
Soon we will be leaving though… and I must start saving up to come back.

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