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I wear my own Fringe in Edinburgh

Oops, I missed a day. What happened? I don’t know and that is not the result of alcohol. I think that I am living in a kind of haze at the moment with PR Bex rushing me from interview to interview to interview.

After yesterevening’s show I managed a short trip ‘home’ before heading off to do a short cabaret spot in a hotel just of Princes Street, in George’s Street to be precise. As usual with multi-talented dinner shows it was running late so I kept it very tight and just did one comedy card routine. On the way we had a drink in the hotel across the street, Le Monde. That is one well designed place and I would recommend it if you are looking for a nice place to sit and have a quiet drink.
Debbie and I went down to the madness of the Royal Mile today and met so many many nice people all out to have a good time amongst the incredibly creative people on view there. We were there to record a short piece for Scottish TV and had a few laughs doing that. Just before we went on air I spotted Calamity Jane in the crowd. Not the real one of course, but a familiar face from close to home.
A couple of years ago we went to the wonderful theatre at Sonning and watched Sally Hughes as Doris Day. She was so good I honestly thought she was miming and here she was doing the show at the Fringe at C34. Recommended.
A trip back to the flat and we picked up the rabbits to go to the show. Slight delay when I forgot my phone so I had to go back, not too far, to get it. Almost at the venue and I noticed Deb had forgotten the suit bag with my clothes in it. She went back whilst I set up the show. That went well and we had a lot of laughs afterwards as I pretended to be deaf and made the customers outside the venues shout their compliments to publicise the show.
Oh no… it started to rain on the way home and I was half way there when, guess what? I had forgotten my phone and the umbrella so I went back to the venue for those whilst Debbie took the rabbits back and met me later in a restaurant.
You may be thinking we are going doo lally but no, that’s not the case. By doing all these odd interviews and mini shows as a magician you are constantly moving a lot of small props in and out of your bags and pockets. It is easy to concentrate on the wrong things as you are heading back and forth.
Now it is a time for relaxation again. I am on one settee, Debbie on the other, the rabbits are stretched out on their straw beds. All is at peace in the world.