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Magic Days

Thank you to all those who have enjoyed my teaching days and to all those who have asked about future dates.

It turned out to be a bit of a problem for me when it came to the actual logistics and so I have come up with another evil plan 🙂

As you know many people said that at £120 per head these lessons were far too cheap (thank you for that).   Here is the way it works now.   The ONLY way that I can do these days now is to accept bookings from 10 at a time.   In other words if you want to come along then you are going to have to find another 9 men or women over the age of 16 and get in touch with this web site to arrange a date.    The cost per head will be £100.

AND I have to say another big Thank You to all those who have purchased and praised to the rafters my best teaching lessons on DVDs called BRAVURA.   This set is available from