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New Orleans and home again

Thunder and lightning is a strange phrase. We all say it but it’s the wrong way round. The lightning comes first, then the thunder. That’s the observation I made when, on the long run up the Mississippi to New Orleans and for the entire day and night we were there it never stopped flashing, roaring and pouring down with rain.

Thankfully Debbie and I managed to dodge the main tanking down by diving into a nice restaurant on Canal Street during the biggest deluge. Then we wandered down Bourbon Street and round the French quarter. I like New Orleans and I’d like to go back and spend some more time there. The atmosphere is great.
Mind you… I would have to get a direct flight. We were taken from the ship and travelled home with the Green Goddess, Diana Moran. That turned out to be a bonus for all of us because it helped to relieve the monotony of the delay at the airport and the long long long wait at Miami airport to get the plane home.
I didn’t sleep much on the overnight flight, I never do, but surprisingly I haven’t been too tired. Perhaps the lovely weather has been part of the reason for that. Another reason could be that I have a new interest, trying to refurbish our new, but old, boat.
It has wooden decking forward and aft and also some wooden slats for walking on when getting on and off. They have been left too long in the open air and they look weathered. On other bits of wood I have been experimenting with stains and varnishes and today managed to get a darned good match in colour.
When we come back next Monday I will be ready to rock and roll…. I need some varnish/paint non toxic stripper and a week of sunshine.
It has been interesting to catch up with the messages and even more interesting the number that have come from magicians asking about the rabbit vanish and the newspaper trick from the current tour. Sorry lads… you’ll have to work out your own handlings… that is what makes this job fun.
Tomorrow, early, we hit the road to Consett and then on to Scotland. On April 1st we will be on the road south again by appearing in the wonderful City Varieties theatre in Leeds.
I’ll bet by then I’ll have a HUGE list of jobs I want to do. (I wonder if Debbie is any good with sandpaper?)

3 comments to New Orleans and home again

  • Abdul
    March 26, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Nice to hear you and Debbie are having a nice time Stateside, pity about the rain… New Orleans is wonderful anytime of year, and the locals are so friendly.You haven’t missed much over here, more doom and gloom, petrol rockets to £1.40 /litre, tanker drivers vote ‘yes’ to go on strike,on the good side we are getting record March tempretures here in Blighty.

    Look forward to more titbits about your travels.



  • Pete Biro
    March 26, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Nice to hear you are back in the regular routine and well.

  • Robert
    March 26, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    New boat pix required, please!