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Nigel Kennedy, Ronan Keating and Penn and Teller

What a title, what a time we have had since I last scribbled in here. I cannot believe it is 10 days ago. Debbie and I whizz all over the place and we don’t notice the days speeding by.

I will now go into reminiscence mode… not too far back but I do have to check the diary in case I miss something.
The first big news is that The Lovely Debbie McGee, the boat, not the woman, finally came home again. She has been having her bottom fixed so it is a very good job it IS the boat… It was glorious to be able to take her up and down the river again, noting the changes that are continually happening which we never notice if we pass by daily.
We enjoyed our evening at the Henley Festival. If you have never been make a date in your diary for next year and it really doesn’t matter who is on the ‘floating’ stage on your night. There is so much to see with strolling performers, paintings and statues, great food or snack food, and everyone is so elegant. The night we went Nigel Kennedy was performing. I have long admired him and his abilities. He is such a likeable personality but sadly, I’m afraid this concert was SO self-indulgent, playing all the music from the Duke Ellington ‘song book’. A lot of it was too similar and the only real variation was in the penultimate piece which turned out to be a 20 minute dirge. Add that to the fact that for a lot of the concert we were watching Nigel’s back and so many of us felt that Nigel had forgotten, for this concert, that he was supposed to be entertaining US. Ne’er mind, maybe next time he’ll be better. The rest of the night was great and the fireworks amongst the best I have ever seen.
I had to drive up to Gainsborough to do my show at the Gainsborough Trinity Arts Theatre. It’s a great venue and, I learned later, I got the same guy on stage that I did last time I was there. He must look friendly!
The next morning I was up very early to grab some stuff out of my store, which I have to have cleared out completely as soon as possible. Already about 50 magicians have been in touch asking to be informed of what I have for sale. I wish I was more efficient at that kind of stuff. That night we loaded Debbie’s parents in to the boat and cruised slowly downriver in perfect weather to tie up close to the stage and spent the evening munching our onboard picnic whilst listening to Ronan Keating doing his set. Afterwards we took the boat home in the dark. Perfect.
After a couple of days at home Debbie and I went up to the shop that Paul Jnr runs up in Wigan and commenced the big facelift. It is changing and will include a magic corner where the local magi can sit and natter about secret stuff. Back home that night for us because the next day I had quite a few interviews to do about the upcoming Best of British Variety Show, a tour I am REALLY looking forward to.
That same evening we were guests of Penn and Teller. If, perhaps, you have not liked them on TV, GO AND SEE THEM LIVE. This was our second viewing and this show was slightly different from their Vegas show. It was a delight to be able to watch two professional entertainers performing beautifully constructed routines. This was a great night out.
Today has been a day of making some tricks for Debbie, who has a job in a couple of days time, tidying up the workshop and a bit of gardening. We were going to go to the Traditional Boat Show in Henley, but I’m afraid we just have so much to do, we had to give it a miss this year. Our loss.

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