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One Man and His Wig

What a funny week. By that I mean funny as in laughter, although it has been more than a little odd as well.

As many of you know, I pop little messages onto Twitter and happened to mention that as part of the Grand Sale of Illusions and similar stuff on eBay I had come across a box and it contained one of my old wigs. Someone immediately offered me £50 for it and so I replied along the lines of that as demand had been so great I felt that I had to offer it to one and all and I would put it on eBay.
I did, with a description that was, I hope, funny and set a starting price of 99p. Oh boy, did I open Pandora’s Box. The media have had a field day and as I type the price has risen to £550! Amazing.
It doesn’t end there of course because there are still three days to go until the sale ends. The Daily Mail have been up to the warehouses to photograph the stuff and even ITV sent a cameraman with an interviewer for one of their shows. Another show has rented the wig. All of this has Debbie and I both in hysterics and looking round for what else we can sell on there. Requests for Debbie’s knickers have so far been rejected……. so far……
I have also come across one of the Storm Troopers helmets from the first Star Wars movie that they made. Should I stick a wig on that and sell it?
It was good to see Scott Penrose yesterday. He came up to collect an illusion he has bought from me. Unfortunately silly me drove all the way up there without the keys to open the containers. What a wally. Good chat though with one of magic’s nicest guys and craftsmen.
Hey ho, back to eBay… now where does Debbie keep her knickers?

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