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Only at the Fringe

What a day what a day. I haven’t been sleeping too well over the last few nights. Too much to think about I guess. Last night, because I was getting too tired I decided to take a Stugeron. Silly me. This morning I couldn’t fully wake up. I was even ‘heavy tired’ walking to the radio station to be interviewed on Radio Scotland.

That chat turned out to be fun, however, and we walked back to the flat …. slowly …. I spent the early part of the afternoon nodding off, waking, and nodding off again. I felt so heavy.
About 2.30 we set off to meet up with Paul Wilson, one of the more interesting men on the magic scene but sadly we couldn’t chat for long as I had to go and set up my show. Because of the space restrictions backstage we can’t set it up the night before and leave it ready to go. The show was sold out again and we had another set of Debbie’s relatives in the audience who had come over from Ireland.
I had to do lots of improvisation in the routines today because neither of the men I got on stage had any money of any kind on them. Routines altered on the fly so that I could get out the other end but the guillotine illusion was a riot because the young man I picked on, an actor, was truly worried by it. All ended well and we dashed home for a quick meal before nipping round the corner to see a ballet company over from China performing a ballet that was a mixture of traditional ‘Chinese Opera’ look with both hints of modern and classical ballet. That damned pill from last night kept kicking in and I had to fight to stay awake.
Back home and guess what, I fell asleep again but we had put the alarm clock on because we had an appearance to do in a Burlesque show. About 1,000 in the audience and a wonderfully eccentric mix of a show with not only the appropriately tassled girls and corsets, but a guy playing Hitler doing Sinatra and another singing George Formby impressions. Where else?
In the quite warm night air we walked along Princes Street to the late night sounds of the fireworks and bagpipes of the Edinburgh Tattoo Ceremony and got into a trishaw peddled by a young Lithuanian lad. Unfortunately for him it was quite a climb uphill and he really worked up a sweat before he crested the hill and the last part of the ride was a hair raising experience as we flew over cobbles and through traffic to home.
What a day what a day…

3 comments to Only at the Fringe

  • Gareth Brown
    August 14, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Paul – my girlfriend and I were at your show on Saturday night. I wanted to let you know it was a joy – i watched you on TV as a kid, and even had one of your magic sets (I’m deadly with magic thimbles), but my girlfriend was new to you (she was the Malaysian Chinese who was too shy to speak to you). We both laughed throughout – I had forgotten how genuinely funny you were. A complete pro – even when things were going against you. Of coure Debbie and Hopper were the real stars.
    I have read a bit of your blog this morning and there’s a lot of warmth and joy here. It’s very heartwarming to read about someone loving what they do and enjoying each day. Hope the rest of the run goes well for you, Debbie and Hopper Seven, and if you’re back in this neck of the woods with your full show we’ll be along to see you.

  • A Magic Life
    August 14, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    To Gareth Brown: Thank you for all of that. Glad you had fun. PD

  • Pete Biro
    August 14, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    I’m enjoying your shows and I’m not even there. :*)