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Selling Out at the Edinburgh Fringe

Today was the first time we didn’t have to go running about doing telecasts, podcasts, or any other kind of interview so I was able to answer lots of email, twitters, send out autographs, print photos and get a ‘simple magic’ DVD onto eBay. Not bad at all.

The DVD is in response to everyone onto me trying to find out how to get started in magic. It has 13 simple tricks on it. Whoever buys it won’t do them all of course because you really should only do the tricks that you enjoy doing.
After setting that lot up we went off to the venue and I set up all the props …. again…. the guillotine with its accessory jokes, the rabbit production table, the act box, Dean’s Box… it sounds simple doesn’t it, but you can’t afford to let your mind wander when setting up an act. Each little part must be in exactly the same place every time so that you don’t have to think at all about where anything is.
Finally I put the two spare tricks in the back of the box………just in case. Overall an easy set up because the play wasn’t using the theatre before us today.
Afterwards we took a stroll back to the apartment and on the way met a nice couple who were coming to see our show. I told them they had missed it but the lady was adamant that we were doing a later show. I checked the ticket and she was looking at the price and thinking it was the time! It took a while at the box office to exchange the ticket for one for tomorrow night!
Now we are back at the flat, dinner is cooking, and I am, in the modern vernacular, ‘chillin’
Hope you had a good day too.

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