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Strictly and the Press

Well, as they say, the proverbial poop hit the proverbial fan thanks to the ignorance of our ‘news’papers and their desperate need to drag everything down to their level. I made a crack back at Craig (who by the way is a really nice guy) about his daytime job tasting sausages. The press said I was homophobic, obviously unaware of their own news releases that he is the face of British Sausage Week, the job Debbie and I did for them last year.

It was topical and he thought it was funny and I hope that British Sausage liked the publicity. Having supported the gay musical Frank’s Closet this year, and having just finished a tour with the Cuddly Biggins, I am the LAST person you can call homophobic.
When will our press get a life?
On Sunday we had a party to renew our vows and it turned out to be a great bash, with so many friends who were at our wedding 22 years ago and so many new friends. Everything worked a treat…
Luscombe’s of Henley did the catering; Norwell Lapley Events set up the lighting and general decor; Kevin Toomey was the white face clown; Mick Read was a clown; Andrew Van Buren and Allyson did a plate spinning act; the contortionist was Iona Luvsandori; the high speed skating act was Vittorio Arata and his soon to be wife Eugenia provided the climax to the evening. Music was provided by both a jazz band and a dance band. Two of the dance band played at our wedding all those years ago!
It came as a bit of a surprise to both Debbie and I that the renewal of our vows meant so much to us; it was a very emotional moment to stand in our circus ring and renew those promises.
All the guests had a great time, but not as good as we did. There are photos, apparently, all over the Facebook pages but I haven’t got any from our photographers yet to post.
Now I am back into doing Strictly training and I seem to be in a no win situation here in that I was happy as Larry (who IS Larry?) when I was dancing, advised to be more serious, was more serious on the Saturday, and got ticked off by my Mam’s friends for being miserable! 🙂
I must butt in to my own blog here ‘cos you wouldn’t believe what is happening now. Debbie is on the phone to Rolf Harris. He was a guest at the party and he knows ALL the words to ALL the comedy songs and he is now on the speaker phone SINGING … ‘Wait Till the Work Comes Round’ from 1904. Hysterical so I can’t follow that. I’ll sign off

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