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Strictly Come Dancing is under way

Well, the show is finally on the screens and love it or hate it, it will be on until December. I don’t expect to be in it for the full run because I believe there are FAR better dancers than me out there.

I also seem to have missed the point of the show a bit, having never watched it before, except once when my mother-in-law had it on, but even then I only gave it a perfunctory glance. I thought we would be learning standard ballroom dancing and instead we are expected to come up with what I would call ‘show dancing’ ‘cos I never saw anything like this on a ballroom floor at any of the gigs I have done in the past.
Never having danced this has all come as a bit of shock BUT, I am under contract so I will give it a shot.
A huge thank you from me to all those who have phoned, emailed, twittered and facebooked me to say that the judges treated me to harshly. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Knowing nothing about the programme means I don’t know either way. I found them funny and Spitting Image would have had a ball with these guys.
I thought, especially in the Cha Cha Cha that we were supposed to be having fun. It seemed like a fun, party dance to me, but I was so wrong in their eyes… apparently you are not supposed to be relaxed, singing and having a good time whilst dancing. Is this why I have never bothered with it?
The learning curve goes on, and I do find this form of theatre very interesting. I don’t know, however, whether I will be able to find it in my heart to not just have fun.

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