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Strictly Slimming

There is a famous quote, albeit horrible fact, made by a doctor at the end of a TV discussion about obesity and weight loss: ‘Nobody came out of Belsen fat’

This observation has always stuck in my mind as being an obvious fact; if you don’t put it into your mouth and swallow food, you cannot possibly put on weight. What was it my physics teacher taught me? ‘Matter cannot be created’
So, IF you are overweight and/or have flab, what’s the answer? Cut back on the intake is the obvious answer and you will, over time, lose weight. There is, however, another choice and I am the living, delighted, proof that it works. Exercise!
In the last few weeks I have gone down from 167lbs to 154lbs just by dancing. Exercise is boring. Dancing makes exercise more interesting. I suppose the walking method would work as well, say 5 miles a day… but by the end of the week you’d be 35 miles away from home!
The other advantage of dancing it off is you get better posture. Everyone is saying I am walking better and I am feeling so much better about myself I may well become a male model. Playboy? 🙂

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