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The Antipodes

We spent a long day doing nothing and then had to say ‘goodbye’ to Hong Kong. I wonder if I will ever see it again? The infrastructure is now amazing and it took no time at all to get to the airport where we did the usual check in and waiting waiting waiting.

Air New Zealand were very nice to us and the seat/beds were comfy. The food seemed to be Chinese based and wasn’t really too my taste. Once again I read two books during the flight and pondered upon why I don’t sleep.
Years ago a product came out in America whilst we were there called ‘Nitol’. It was supposed to be a sleep aid. I bought some and took one about half an hour before I got on the plane and another when I got aboard.
I zonked out just about instantly and went into a deep deep sleep. There were no after effects at all and I woke up sparky bright. I asked Debbie if we had far to go and she told me we hadn’t taken off yet, and we hadn’t. I thought I had been asleep for hours and I was wide awake for the rest of the flight.
We landed in New Zealand early in the morning and there was the most hospitable man on the planet, Alan Watson, waiting to take us to his home where we were to stay for a couple of nights. He also ferried us around shops to pick up bits and bobs for my lectures and shows. We went to the Junior Magicians club and enjoyed a good night in their company together with a couple of American visitors including Steve Valentine the actor.
It’s winter here but warmer than UK winters on the North Island. We have enjoyed a couple of sunny days but I think it has rained non stop since the convention started.
Day One I was on my feet 6 hours during the day doing a Master Class and then another hour at night doing a spot in their really well appointed theatre.
Day Two I only had to do the one hour spot at night but magic conventions are the places where nobody seems to sleep.
During the second show I experienced the recurring nightmare that all actors and performers get, the one where you can’t get into the theatre to do your show…
The first half had started and I realised that during the day someone had used my dressing room and a prop was missing. I had a spare but it was back in the hotel room. The theatre was built onto the side of the hotel but there was no way from backstage to the front of house. I went up some stairs and found a door that led to the outside world. I went out, onto the lawn, found a path, went up the path to a door but it was locked. I found another couple of doors like that and eventually worked my way round the building to a door that was open.
I went up the lift to the top floor and then along the long corridor to our room. The electronic key did not work and there were no phones on the walls so I went all the way back down to reception and got another key. Aware that time was ticking by, I went back up the room and hunted through the bags for the spare prop. I found that and headed back the way I had come. I found the door BUT it was now pouring down with rain so I couldn’t get backstage.
I went to the back of the auditorium and waited until a man took his child to the toilets and when they came back I walked down the aisle with them before diving off through a pass door that got me backstage again. Phew.
Today, Sunday, we have done nothing. There will be a formal banquet this evening. This afternoon we took pot luck on watching an in house movie and I am SO glad we did. If you can, watch this movie in a cinema, if not get a DVD. Quentin Tarrentino’s Inglourious Basterds is one of the best, if not the best, directed films I have ever seen.
Tomorrow I will be doing a Q and A session before heading back to Alan’s house.
Catch you later.

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