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The Best Laid Plans

Indeed…. the best laid plans and also never put off ’til the morrow…. Has Daniels been drinking? Is he going doolally? No, all will become plain and simple…

For the last couple of years I have been trying to devise ways of clearing my silted creek out that would not break the bank and about three weeks ago I thought of a way. I’ll get round to doing that I thought… and put it off whilst I got all involved with the Best of British Variety Tour and some television work.
Looking at my schedule I realised that today would be THE DAY for doing it. I would travel home from Bournemouth after the show at the Pavilion and attack the creek early this morning. A goodly plan but I had put it off just too long. I came home in the night to find the winds had brought down large branches and partly blocked my drive way.
The morning dawned bright and sunny and I went out to clear the branches before doing the creek. I needed my dinghy to work in the creek and I couldn’t find it. The wind had rammed it, and I do mean RAMMED it, up into the bank at the top end of the creek and I can’t shift it.
Leverage, I thought, and went for a long lever….. the heavens opened and I gave up. I now have a dinghy full of rain water… and I am not prepared to get wet.
What else? Well, the shows are going very well; Dana is delightful and the other acts all make me, and the audiences, laugh a lot, so all is good.
I see RG9 has left me a note about being on radio on Saturday morning. I wonder what that is about? Sometimes you record a radio show or TV show and by the time it is transmitted you have no memory of doing it at all.
I wrote to my MP this morning about credit cards. The media has been full of how much we are all in debt so I have suggested, once again, that by law they have to be called debt cards so that every time a seller asks us if we want it on our debt we might stop and think about it.
Time for a cup of tea.

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