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The Edinburgh Fringe

The booking agent asked me if I would like to do the Fringe again. It is about four years since I was here and I had such a good time I immediately agreed and asked him to send me all the details. Last time I goofed a bit in that I did a two hour one man show in the main body of a church and then ran up a church tower to do another one hour Max Malini show in a little room at the top. I didn’t know that everyone else in the main was doing about a 45 to 50 minute set. A lot of work but I can’t tell you how much fun I had.

This time I hope I have it right. I’m down to do a one hour set and this time I am in an adapted university lecture room. At least the audience can’t get at me ‘cos they are trapped behind long desk arrangements.

The planning and deciding what was going in what order started a long time back and then some of it had to go ahead in a van. Packing the car was an art in itself with two rabbits, hutch, two carriers, bags of food, straw, hay, sawdust, four suitcases, computers, printers, dvd copier and ALL the leads, cameras etc. I loaded it up whilst Debbie did Radio Berkshire on Sunday morning and then we left instructions about just about everything in the house ‘cos we never leave the house empty for long. Mind you, we could ‘cos everything is up here in Edinburgh with us. It took us a day and a half to get here.

Since then it’s been crazy. Interview after interview after interview interspersed with setting up the apartment we have rented. The stuff I brought for making the rabbits comfy isn’t really suitable so I have a sort of mobile apartment coming for them. Walking the streets to find the venue we met Dave Gorman and when we did find the right place Bobby Crush walked in and it turns out he is doing his Liberace show when we finish our ‘extravaganza’

On top of that is locating supermarkets, meeting the locals (who have all been REALLY nice), finding the best sandwiches I have ever had in a small cafe at the end of Infirmary Street… Stags.

As I write the world had got even dafter since the Sun published a headline that I was in hospital after being hit in the eye with a pizza thrown by Sooty. That mini accident happened over a month ago and on the day I should be getting ready for the show at 5 pm I have spent all my time explaining that I am NOT in hospital to journalists, TV shows, and radio shows. How silly but great publicity.

Today I don’t expect there will be many in the audience. It is, after all, Day One, early days and we are up against another 2,500 shows, but I am told that after that we are doing more than alright. It will be an interesting show as the tech crew start to learn what to do when I do whatever. I like shows like this rather than the super slick presentations (not that I have ever done one of those….).

One of the many bestest things about being here is meeting young actors, singers, comedians and the full panoply of show business who are starting out on the long road to success. Good luck to all.