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The Invisible Mrs Obama

We are coming to the end of our time in Los Angeles. As always I get that strange mixture of wanting to go home but wanting to stay. I love it here so much and could most likely make a living BUT my Mother, my grandchildren, my lads… know what I mean.

Because various negotiations fell through we were lucky to have more days of freedom than we expected. The hotel is very good and the staff very friendly. Even the President’s wife is staying here so we are VERY secure with FBI and SWAT teams surrounding the place. When Debbie through open the curtains this morning she swiftly closed them again when she found surveillance teams were on the roof opposite. We haven’t seen Mrs Obama and I am not surprised. Who would want to live a life surrounded by all that stuff?
I did do the show in the Magic Castle and they seemed to like it. The show I did later, ad libbing in the pool area of the hotel was better I thought. I had guys yelling in amazement. Great fun.
The next night we nipped into the Castle to see Quentin Reynolds and we managed to catch the back end of his show. Normally resident in Manchester, this charming Irishman travels the world doing his thing. I can recommend him whole heartedly.
A lot of our time has been spent wandering along the streets and malls here. I know that sounds strange for us, but stuff here is so different and the range of goods is startling. Somehow we managed to hit on a day when Santa Monica was overcast so we went to see Shrek 4 in 3D. Yes, we wore the glasses and yes, the effect is brilliant. The problem is that it is only brilliant for about 10 to 15 minutes, the novelty wears off and you are back to whether the film is any good or not. Thankfully it is really funny and entertaining…. but why do I need the glasses? It would have been a good film anyway.
Today we drove out to the workshop of the great illusion maker, John Gaughan. His site is being rebuilt at For me this was the highlight of the trip, not only to see the shop at work but also to see one of the most amazing antique magic collections in the world. Stunning!
We had lunch with John and Gay Blackstone, widow of the late great Harry Blackstone and a good time was had by all.
This evening we will finish packing, go out for our last dinner, and then off home tomorrow.
A great working holiday comes to an end.
See you in Blighty.

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