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Times Change

What a year this is for change in my life and, it would appear, for those around me. Some is good, some is bad.

In general the warehouses have been emptied and only the pick of the illusions remain, others will be rebuilt as and when they are needed. A large boat shed is now in the back garden with space at the back end for the big boxes in which illusions travel to the venues. It took years, literally, to sell the warehouses in the current financial climate but they have gone.
Apart from the odd one night stand I thought that I had finished touring as intensely as I have in the past but now not only am I doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every night in August that is followed by a 38 night tour. Have a look at the Tour Dates page on this site and you will see I will become a long distance driver doing tricks on the side!
I am also trying to have a change of boat. When Debbie and I were in Australia earlier this year we saw a boat and to my amazement Debbie really liked it. I put the Lovely Debbie McGee on the market and it sold remarkably quickly but now I can’t get my hands on the boat we liked so I guess we will be touring the boatyards looking for something.
As I type this blog there are four men outside working reducing the height of some of our trees. They stand about 90 feet high and are too close to the house for comfort. It’s amazing to watch a guy up that high moving from branch to branch with a chain saw. You really have to know what you are doing and watching him is like watching a circus act.
Also this morning we got the first two cygnets so the circle of life goes on. We sometimes think we have worries and woes but when something like that happens it reminds me that no matter what we do or what pains we feel, Mother Nature just keeps on going, and going, and going…