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Up and running at the Edinburgh Fringe

Thanks to the Sun newspaper completely distorting a story from over a month ago, my opening day at the Fringe was spent not in getting the show ready but in repeatedly denying that I was in hospital as a result of a pizza in the eye recording the Sooty show.

That meant that on top of all the other interviews I was doing I was left with a mad scramble backstage to get the props all ready for the show. As usual with show business, however, we made it in time and the show seemed to go very well.
I say ‘seemed’ because when I am performing a strange sequence of routines away from the normal running order, my brain seems to be focused on getting the tricks right and I am mostly unaware of audience reaction.
It was good to see so many people in ‘the house’, and we even got a few other acts from other shows in to see what we were up to. Morgan, of Morgan and West, the different style magic act recently seen on Fool Us, was in and wrote on Twitter that I was brilliant. He obviously has such good taste!
A quick pack away of the props then off to do one trick at another venue, more or less to let people know I am in town before going for a very nice quiet dinner with Debbie and a stroll back to the flat through a warm, balmy night with streets full of happy people.
Debbie and I both made the same comments over dinner… ‘isn’t this exciting?’ and ‘isn’t it great that there are no drunken yobs spoiling this incredible atmosphere?’.
You really should try to get to Edinburgh

2 comments to Up and running at the Edinburgh Fringe

  • RG9
    August 4, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I hate cities with a vengeance and steer well clear but you make Edinburgh sound quite nice!

    I laughed when I saw the Sun – if they had looked on your Blog, they’d have known the truth but, as we all know and has been confirmed yet again, you really cannot believe ANYTHING you read in the press!

  • Pete Biro
    August 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Oh how I wish we could be there. We attended a few shows at the Hollywood Fringe and last night saw Guy Hollingworth’s “Expert at the Card Table” which I understand he did first at the Fringe.

    BE WELL and best to Deb.