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We love Edinburgh

Today the weather was dire, especially this evening, but it cannot dampen our enthusiasm for this wonderful city and the incredible Fringe. We are having far too much fun and laughter.

Once again the morning was full of interviews but I managed to locate a local post office and send out some of the outstanding post. It’s great walking along and everybody talks to you. I even taught an actress from a children’s show how to handle a magic trick as we stood underneath our umbrellas.

Debbie and I dived into a member’s bar and did a video interview for Channel Four news and then another for the Telegraph’s online site.

There’s a very strange point that is brought up from time to time about ‘old fashioned’ magic. I have studied the theatrical art of magic all my life and I have no idea what they are talking about. I have even asked a couple of the journalists to tell me what modern magic is as opposed to old fashioned magic. One hasn’t bothered to reply, or doesn’t know the answer, the other talked about recent tricks on TV that I know were around before even I was born.

The simple truth of course is that the magic itself does not change at all, only the actors playing the part of magicians. Clothing styles might change but basically you can still only produce or vanish or transpose or penetrate or levitate something.

One of the interviewers was blissfully unaware that anyone had ever done a mind-reading act before Derren Brown. How sad that Chan Canasta, Fogel, Al Koran, David Berglas and so on are not worth 5 minutes of research on the internet. But, it was ever thus I guess.

On the way back to pick up the rabbits we passed a young man resplendent in traditional ‘laird’ tweed and knickerbockers. He looked great and no one gave him more than a passing glance other than those who, by their reactions and comments, obviously admired him and his style. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with being traditional.

As expected thanks to the weather we were only about half full but that, I hear was much better than most shows were doing. Great audience and great to see Tim Vine and John Archer out there.

As Hopper Seven had decided to baptise me by peeing on my shirt Debbie had to run back to the flat to get me a clean shirt so I could do a show in a nearby speigeltent. I have probably spelt that incorrectly!

This turned out to be a Best of the Fringe show. It was great. Marcel Lucont, the compere, was uniquely funny; Shay Horay did some really weird stuff with rubber bands; Pistol and Jack did the ‘music spot’; Michael Workman did one of the cleverest stand up spots I have ever heard; Briefs (?) did a strip tease routine whilst showing great skills with hula hoops; and then I did a card routine to close the show.

A quick taxi drive home and dinner. Happy times.

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