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Your Own Manifesto

With all of the fuss about which parties are going to give up some of their ‘principles’ just so they can get ‘power’ I have been thinking about what I would like to see them offering me and my country. It would seem that it would be a good idea if we all created our own, and then get peeps to vote on which they would approve of. The top votes would be the ones adopted …

I would like to vote for the person who tells me that he/she is going to get rid of the stupid amount of interest we pay every year added on to our national debt. They would have to emphasise to the nation that we simply cannot go on living beyond our means. We must be borrowing to build/support stuff that we can no longer afford. I KNOW this is not going to be popular but I am sure that if the nation realised it would only take a couple of years and then their taxes might even come down…
So…”I propose that until we can afford it we stop sending money to other countries but transfer such amounts into the repayment fund. I propose that until we can afford it we stop all so called Arts grants, sports grants and similar non-productive groups and do likewise. I propose that we take back the Lottery and make all income part of the repayment fund. I propose that we activate the whole nation in huge fun fundraising efforts all as part of the same campaign. Together we can do it… Debt is NOT in any way desirable and we must eliminate it, all of us.”
So… ” I propose that we bring the principle of living within our means and SAVING into all school teaching. To aid with a change of thinking for our nation I propose a law that makes it illegal to call cards on which you can borrow money, ‘credit cards’. From now on they are to be called Debt Cards and all traders and dealers MUST, at the point of sale ask the question, ‘Would you prefer to pay by cash, or shall we add it to your debt?’ We would run competitions in national newspapers for similar ideas to lower the nation’s borrowing habits. It is time the people of this country realised our spiralling debts are only bringing us worries and troubles….”
Yes…. I’d vote for all of that… even if it wasn’t popular with those who don’t want us to improve our lot.

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